12 times TV parenting was totally unrealistic

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  • It’s official: it’s impossible to switch off from being a parent.

    Even when you’ve got that rare bit of spare time to watch TV, once you’ve had a child, you can’t help but noticing that the mums and dads you see on screen aren’t always the most realistic representations of life with little monsters.

    Here are 12 of the most suspect TV families – it can’t be just ours that don’t look like this, can it?

    1. Mummy and Daddy Pig’s problem solving skills

    Image: Nick Jr. UK/ Channel 5 via Giphy
    Okay, so this MAY be related to the episode length, but we’ve wondered on more than one occasion how any problem Peppa faces is always neatly wrapped up in five minutes or less, and normally ends with the family falling on the floor laughing. Anyone who has ever dealt with a temper tantrum will know this is rarely the case…

    2. Dora and her mysteriously absent parents

    Image: Nickelodeon via Giphy
    Seriously, where ARE they? Their daughter is busy exploring the world and picking up some nifty language skills with her talking monkey, and her parents don’t seem to be all that bothered. Perhaps they’ve not even noticed she’s gone.

    3. The Rugrats’ parents who didn’t notice ANYTHING

    Image: Nikelodeon via Giphy
    While we get that babies can crawl to the other side of the room in the blink of an eye, Tommy and his gang of Rugrats took it to a whole new level. Stu, Didi et al obviously aren’t keeping an eye on them as they ALWAYS manage to get out of their play-pen. Remember Rugrats The Movie, when they literally ran away to live in the woods?

    4. Mary Crawley and her entire parenting TEAM

    Image: ITV via Giphy
    Honestly, the Downton Abbey family were never going to be the most relatable family on the planet, but the thing we can’t get our heads around is that between hunting, cricket and grand dinners, the Crawleys still had an entire team to help with the children. You think it’s hard to look after kids and manage the house? Just imagine having nannies, a housekeeper, maids and a valet. We reckon Wills and Kate are the only parents who look at their set up and go: ‘yeah, seems about right’.

    5. Eddy Monsoon’s never ending champagne budget

    Image: ITV via Giphy
    We’re pretty sure we’d have to remortgage the house for all that money to spend on champagne… although, now that you mention it, it IS tempting.

    6. Homer Simpson’s questionable parenting advice

    Image: 20th Century Fox Productions via Giphy
    Although The Simpsons might show us that no family is perfect, we like to think we at least attempt to steer our kids in the right direction. Some of Homer’s advice to his kids, on the other hand, is debatable to say the least. Some of his gems include: ‘You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is never try’ and ‘Marriage is like a coffin and each kid is another nail’. Thanks for that Homer…

    7. Penny Hart’s all too often embarrassing mum moments

    Image: BBC via Giphy
    While we absolutely love Penny, she’s one of the most embarrassing mums on TV, especially when it came to finding Miranda a man. When the time comes, there’s no way we’d be that bad… we hope.

    8. Phil Dunphy’s failed attempts to impress the kids

    Image: FOX via Giphy
    No matter how often Phil from Modern Family tells us ‘I’m a cool dad, that’s my thing’, we all know that such a thing basically doesn’t exist. And believe it or not, alpacas don’t make great house pets, no matter how much you think your brood might love them…

    9. Uncle Phil and his actually AMAZING dad dancing

    Image: Warner Bros. Television via Giphy
    Anyone who’s been to a wedding will know the pure embarrassment of the dad dance, but Uncle Phil from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air proved himself as a master mover. Surely no one can juggle time to practice those moves with four kids and a high-flying career?

    10. Fred Flintstone’s blissful life with no wifi

    Image: Warner Bros. Television vis Giphy
    Pebbles totally would have wanted access to YouTube if she’d knew it existed.

    11. Peter Griffin’s blatant lack of concern for child safety

    Image: FOX via Giphy
    We know car seats can be a pain, but this would just never be allowed in real life. While Peter Griffin does show rare moments of affection, child safety is NOT one of his strengths. Let’s not forget the time he flipped the couch while Meg was still sat on it, or when he tried to drink from a fire hose to impress Chris.

    12. SATC’s Charlotte’s IMPOSSIBLE amount of free time

    Image: HBO via Giphy
    How that woman managed kids, a husband, paying to live in in New York and still have all that free time for lunch and Cosmos with her gal pals we’ll never know.