The photos every mum needs on her phone

Save money, time and brain cells with the 10 pictures you should have on your phone

Mums will do pretty much anything to make their lives easier and if 10 simple photos can help out my poor brain cells, then I'm definitely in. From keeping track of the kids' vital statistics to simply helping us remember where we've parked the car, you'll find every one of these invaluable. And the only equipment you need is something you've probably already got - a phone that takes pictures.

1. Your pay and display ticket

Something happened to my brain when I gave birth. It's as if my ability to remember anything of any importance dissolved the minute I had a baby. If I've parked in a pay and display car park, I might be able to recall how many hours I decided to park for, but can I remember what time that started? No, I can not. And now I've had more than one child, I need help remembering the car park too... The pic below is one from my own phone. Oh dear.

2. Your child's weight

It's amazing how often I need to know how much my kids weigh and how utterly clueless I am about the answer. Nappies are grouped by weight of child, car seats by weight, baby slings by weight... Make a habit of putting your kids on your scales once every couple of months and photograph the figure.

3. Your child's shoe size

Kids have sooooo many different types of shoes. Wellies, slippers, trainers, party shoes, school shoes etc etc. But when I'm out and about and I spot a bargain, can I remember what size they're currently wearing? Nope. So I photograph their latest shoe size, check the date the pic was taken and size up accordingly.

4. Presents with their cards for thank-you notes

No sooner is one present ripped open, then they're onto the next. If your child's had a party there will be a pile of gifts your kid can't wait to open. And once that wrapping paper and, therefore, the card, is separated from said present, there's no way of knowing who it was from. Ask your child to hold the card in front of the prezzie while you take a photo and thank you cards will be easy.

5. Your child's favourite toy

Remember Roar (opens in new tab)? He was the lion left on the train from York to King's Cross by devastated owner Phoebe Simpson. Luckily, after some social media magic, Phoebe was reunited with her lion after a Twitter user took it on a trip and posted pics of Roar to try and find its owner. I took some mums' advice and bought two of each of my kids' toys and felt smug when one went missing and I was able to replace it. But the 2-year-old knew. He knew!!!! And peace wasn't restored until the original was back in his hands. So there's the lesson. Take a pic of 'Roar' or 'Bunny', or whatever your little one's treasured toy is called so that when it disappears, you've got a chance of getting the original back.

6. Your child's favourite haircut

Remember when little Florence had that haircut that time that you really liked and have never been able to describe since? Well it won't be a memory any more if you take a pic and ask the hairdresser to just copy it. Job done.7. Your child and their outfit

If you're going somewhere where there will be lots of people - a theme park or zoo, for example, it's a good idea to take a picture of your child just before you go. Then, if your child gets lost, you can show people exactly what they are wearing and what they look like. The picture is then easily shared, too.

8. Your child's medicines

You travel away from home and realise when you get to your destination that you've left behind the medicines your child needs. Can you remember the name of the inhaler they use? The tablets they need to take? Of course you can't. Take a pic of the labels so you've got a fighting chance of being able to replace them at a chemist nearby.

9. Your child's scooter

Strewn around parks and playgrounds from here to the moon are kids' scooters. And they all look THE SAME. If you've sensibly accessorised your child's scooter, take a pic of it. You can use the pic to make posters to put up locally so you've got a better chance of someone spotting it for you and it being reunited with your child.

10. Your child's bag and coat

When your child's coat has gone astray for the 11th time that week, you'll wish you'd taken our advice and taken a pic of it to show their key worker/teacher/leisure centre staff etc etc. Just like the coat pic, but even more essential, is the kid's bag photo as bags contain so much stuff. Gym kit, shoes, swimming goggles, lunch box, etc etc - all stuff that would cost a pretty penny to replace. If the bag goes astray, make a flyer and put it up in the cloakroom at school or to send home with parents in case it appears in someone else's house. You've got a much better chance of getting it back if people know exactly what they're looking for.

Have you got anything invaluable on your phone? Or perhaps an app that, as a mum, you couldn't live without? Tell us in the comments area below.