We've teamed up with The Week Junior to share news, debates and reviews (written just for kids)

Encourage curious minds with age-appropriate news coverage helping children to understand their world more

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We are thrilled to announce our exciting new collaboration with our sister brand The Week Junior.

We're teaming up with The Week Junior, a multi-award-winning weekly current affairs magazine for 8-14 year-olds, as it fits so brilliantly with everything GoodToKnow stands for, to help 'make it make sense'.

Even though parents are the 'grown-ups' that doesn't mean they know everything. We discover loads through our kids - and we love finding new and entertaining ways to connect through learning. We are raring to share inspiring, amusing and opinion-forming highlights from The Week Junior to feed the natural curiosity all children are born with.

From exploring both sides of an issue with The Big Debate each week, recent topics have been climate change and election day, to which books are best for tweens, wellbeing advice. The Week Junior and GoodToKnow will provide you with age-appropriate hints, tips and advice to help you raise strong and confident kids, engaged with the world around them and empowered to form their own opinions.

So, if you’re a person who happens to have kids and you're trying your best to stay connected, then you’re not alone. We’re here - armed with specialist insight from our GoodToKnow team and the brilliant addition of The Week Junior teams - to make it make sense.

To get things started, we've shared their guide to who's who in the general election - an overview for children about the main political parties and their election promises. We understand that children are likely to have lots of questions. They may not get a vote, but it's important for them to understand what's happening so they feel empowered to get involved when their time comes.  

So, The Week Junior has also created FREE guides designed to help kids aged 8-14 understand the election process in an accessible, impartial and interesting way. 

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