'Her mum wants to be famous not her!' This Morning sparks debate with appearance from 'fame obsessed' seven-year-old

Mum says her daughter Layla Belle wants to be a reality star when she grows up

A mum who has appeared on This Morning with her 'fame obsessed' seven-year-old has sparked controversy amongst viewers over for her daughter's ambitions - and outfits.

Jenna Eastland, 31, has already made headlines this week after admitting she spends thousands helping her daughter achieve her dream of being a reality star.

She appeared on the This Morning sofa with little Layla Belle Thompson, where she was quizzed by summer hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes about their lifestyle.

When asked about the reported £250 a month she spends a month on Layla's hobby, Jenna said: 'The cost isn't just the beauty regime, it's also the private dance lessons, the dance club, and the travelling to and from auditions.'

The dance costumes, as well, 'cost thousands' - though some have criticised them for being too revealing for a girl of Layla's age.

'How Layla is looking now, the lipstick, the eyeliner, the belly top – is this part of the dance and stuff? asked Ruth. 'Or do you let her dress like that every day? Do you not think it's too adult?'

Jenna argued that all little girls like to get dressed up and that she 'thinks it's nice' to allow her daughter to express herself.

'If you're looking at my little girl in that way, then there's something wrong with you, there's not something wrong with Layla,' she said. 'We're in the dance world, and this is nothing compared to what some dancers wear; it's just how it is in the industry.'

Despite Jenna insisting that the persona was 'all Layla' and stressing that she wasn't a 'pushy mum', many on Twitter were quick to point out that when the little girl was prompted by Eamonn and Ruth to help out with the presenting or even answer some questions on camera, she appeared to be apprehensive.

'She looks bloody terrified! Her mum wants to be famous not her!' observed one Twitter user.

Another said: 'Sweet child, but she didn't come across like she wants to be famous; the enthusiasm was coming from the mother...'.

Others were critical of Layla's appearance, with one writing: 'Every little girl wants to be a star, but to let her wear fake tan mini skirts crop tops and heels is just all wrong.'

'😞 that poor little girl should be in school with her friends & not pushed infront of a camera half dressed caked in makeup! 😢😢 #ThisMorning' another exclaimed.

Did you see Layla's segment on This Morning? What's your take on the debate? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!


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