This Morning viewers slam Tina Malone for harsh comments on fat-shaming children

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  • Tina Malone has caused outrage amongst This Morning viewers, for the ‘ruthless’ comments she made during an appearance on the show to discuss overweight children and fat-shaming.

    The Shameless actress joined lifestyle and fitness journalist Nilufer Atik to debate whether you have the right to tell another parent that their child is fat.

    Shown a picture of a ‘chubby’ toddler that had been circulating on social media, after the child’s mum had shared the photo and been met with harsh fat-shaming comments, the pair were asked whether they thought it was okay to tell another parent that their child is overweight.

    ‘If it’s a friend or a relative, I would most definitely. I was a big fat bird for 18 years, and it’s well documented, my opinion about being fat’, Tina said.

    The star quickly changed her tune to confirm that she didn’t think it was acceptable for a child as young as 12-14 months old to be fat-shamed, however.

    ‘This is a baby, she’s 12-14 months old. How dare anybody say to a woman, a parent or a man your child is fat.

    ‘It’s disgusting.’

    When host Ruth Langsford approached the subject of whether she’d ever told a friend that their child is overweight, Tina admitted that she had.

    ‘I said recently to a friend, “your son eats too much and when he’s 18, and sitting on his own at home, with his crisps and his pasties, on his X-Box, 24 hours a day and he’s a big fatty, and he can’t get a bird and he’s got no friends, and not running around playing sport – you will be resented. He will resent you!”

    ‘And I’m all for that. Did she change anything? No!’

    Tina famously lost 11.5 stone so that she could have IVF, later welcoming her daughter – Flame – at the age of 50 in December 2013. Fans were quick to criticise her appearance on the show, taking to Twitter to voice their opinions.

    One wrote: ‘My gosh this woman on #thismorning what a b***h!!! Awareness yes but saying they will be fat with no bird. #ruthless’ and another added: ‘Might agree with some of what Tina Malone says but she comes across a bit too aggressive for me.. #thismorning’