Kids letters to Santa Claus reveal what the REAL most wanted toys are this Christmas

From the kids themselves…

The Royal Mail have given parents everywhere a helping hand this Christmas and revealed what kids have really been asking for in their letters to Santa Claus this year.

So, if you're wondering exactly which top toy to buy the little ones in your life, wonder no more.

This is straight from the horse's mouth, as it were, from the lists that your kids have pored over for months on the run up to the big day.

It's also worth noting that the list isn't from a toy company trying to flog their toys, so you can be sure that the kids will (probably) want it…

Among the most wanted presents children requested in their wish lists included the old-family favourite, Lego and the classic 'a bike' to very specific items such as the LOL Big Surprise Ball.

The list also found that scooters and mobile phones were proving popular.

For the second year in a row now the building set Lego has the top shot, bumping bikes up from third to second place.

Top 10 most requested toys from letters to Santa

1. Lego 2. Bike 3. Video games console 4. Hatchimals 5. Scooter 6. Mobile phone 7. Paw Patrol Sea Patroller 8. Fingerlings 9. LOL Big Surprise Ball 10. Nerf Guns

Talking to Metro, Alex McConnell of the Royal Mail said: 'Royal Mail plays a special part at Christmas. 'We are proud that for over 50 years Santa has allowed us to help manage the thousands of special letters he receives from boys and girls across the UK.'

The Royal Mail also revealed that some of the letters sent to Santa were very polite and even asked after his wife, 'How is Mrs Claus doing?'

Clever kids - they're either trying to butter Father Christmas up or are genuinely curious! Either way, we think that's worth the gift.

What do you think? Will you be paying attention to this list when you're shopping for presents? Let us know in the comments box below.


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