Top Christmas toys for 2023 as chosen by kids

The top Christmas toys for 2023 from Barbie and LEGO to Hot Wheels and Playmobil, all picked by kids

Top Christmas toys
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We're calling it; these are the top Christmas toys for 2023.

You can never start shopping for the top Christmas toys too early. We know it's still September, but getting the hottest Christmas toys ticked off your shopping list - and keeping an eye on prices - can help you avoid the mad rush and spending frenzy that often comes with the countdown to the big day. 

So what are the best toys to get the kids for Christmas this year? We put together this list of the hottest toys for Christmas 2023 after hours of research and lots of toy testing. We've attended exclusive new toy launch events, read piles of press releases about which toys kids are most keen to find under the tree this year, and even wandered around the shops with some youngsters to get a feel for what's selling in the toy aisles - and what's really catching the eye of toy-loving kids. 

So whether you're looking for toys for one-year-olds or toys for 10-year-olds or just browsing for a sense of the popular toys for this year, there's something for all ages on this list. We've included top toys for Christmas 2023 from major toy brands like LEGO and Playmobil and recommendations from top toy retailers. So don't leave it to the last minute this year and spend your December scrambling for out-of-stock toys. Instead, get ahead of the game and shop our edit of the top Christmas toys for 2023. 

Top Christmas toys 2023

In a hurry to shop for this year's popular toys? Here's our pick of the top toys for Christmas 2023 worth adding to your Christmas shopping list:

  • Mattel Barbie The Movie Doll
  • Playmobil 9487 Space Mars Mission Station with Functioning Double Laser Shooter
  • Little Live Pets Cutie Cuts Lil Snippers
  • Hot Wheels City T-Rex Chomp Down Track Set
  • Melissa & Doug Jet Pilot Interactive Dashboard
  • LEGO 10788 Gabby's Dollhouse Toy Playset
  • Zuru Smashers Dino Island T-Rex Battles 
  • Xootz Kids Bubble Go Foldable Scooter
  • LEGO Star Wars Ahsoka Tano's T-6 Jedi Shuttle Set
  • Cookeez Makery Oven
  • Magic Mixies Pixlings
  • Hapello Air Fryer
  • Jabadabado Wooden Market Stall
  • DOG-E 1691 MINTiD Robotic Dog
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutant Mayhem - Pizza Fire Delivery Van Playset

What are the best Christmas toys to buy?

“Choosing the right toy can be overwhelming, especially during the holiday season,” says Vese Aghoghovbia, founder of Philly and Friends . Obviously it's important to consider your child's preferences and their Christmas wish list if they have one, but do't forget to consider your goals for your child and your parenting style. "As a supporter of STEM education, I often opt for educational toys that provide learning opportunities," explains Vese.

"However, there are times when I simply want to see the joy on my child's face and give them something on their wish list that doesn't fall under the category of learning toys! It's also important to remember that children can be easily pleased. My son is usually thrilled with simple toys like Pop-its or Hot Wheels.”

To make the process easier of choosing what to buy from the top Christmas toys, Vese suggests categorising toys and picking those that best suit your little one's age and temperament. "Toys come in different types, including dolls and figurines, learning toys, craft kits, magnetic toys, pretend play toys, and digital toys," she adds. 

  • Dolls and figurines — "Ranging from soft dolls to action figures, these encourage imaginative play and help children learn nurturing skills and build empathy," Vese says. "They also offer a great opportunity to introduce diversity into children's toy collections."
  • Learning toys with educational aspects — "No matter how young, these are a priority for those who value STEM education," Vese adds.
  • Kids' craft kits — "Products such as baking and gardening kits are perfect for keeping children busy building, making, or growing."
  • Magnetic toys — "Products like Magna-Tiles and Smart Max create endless possibilities for experimenting with different surfaces and building structures while teaching children about the concept of building," Vese tells us.
  • Pretend play toys — "These are excellent for developing storytelling skills." 
  • Digital toys — like audio boxes are on the rise. According to Vese, they are a 'great way' to build listening skills in children.

How we chose the top Christmas toys

As well as being Deputy Editor of Goodto, I'm a mum of three and have been a parenting journalist since having my first baby 18 years ago - so I've got lots of experience testing and writing about all kinds of toys over many years. For this feature, I spent time researching new toy launches for 2023 before shortlisting the ones I think are going to be popular with kids this Christmas, and worth parents spending their hard-earned on. Finally, my 10-year-old daughter and her friends got to choose the toys included in this guide, based on the things they think kids are going to be asking Santa for this Christmas. We have first-hand experience with almost of the all the toys featured on this list, so we know for a fact that they're items that live up to the hype and which kids really rate. 

If you want to know more about how we chose the top Christmas toys, you can also read all about how we test the products featured in our buying guides and product reviews. 

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