‘So grossly satisfying’ Viral video captures the dramatic effect of postpartum hair loss

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  • A video capturing a woman’s dramatic postpartum hair loss has gone viral.

    A little-discussed side effect of giving birth can see women suffer dramatic hair loss around three months after their pregnancy, which, although a temporary condition, can have a dramatic effect on their confidence.

    That’s why Christina Kreitel from Intrepid Studio Salon decided to share her own issues with post-birth hair loss with the world, sharing a candid video to demonstrate just how sudden and striking the shed can be.

    ‘You know the time, four months postpartum and you fill that drain,’ Kreitel wrote alongside the post.

    ‘I’m going through this myself and like to collect it on the wall of my shower. So grossly satisfying.’

    Many commenters said that the video was a reflection of their own experience, with one writing: ‘I didn’t experience this with my son but with my twins… šŸ˜« I didn’t think it would end! They’re 6 months now and I’m good!’

    ‘After i had my son my hair fell off like crazy šŸ˜­ still recovering lol,’ another agreed.

    As the hair goes through three stages of growth – a growth phase, a transitional stage and a resting phase, it is when the hair reaches this final stage that mums can experience significant loss. Although the process, which usually starts around three month after giving birth, is only temporary, it often startles women when it begins.

    In order to reduce the loss, hairdresser Christina advises new mums to look at their diet.

    ‘Nutrition and diet is key after childbirth,’ said the salon owner to HuffPost. ‘Eating a protein diet, as hair is made up of a complex chain of amino acids, is important for healthy hair growth.’

    As well as taking iron and vitamin B12 supplements if required, shampooing your hair regularly to keep the scalp clean is also key for encouraging hair growth, as it encourages a better environment for regrowth. Some experts also advise avoiding heavy conditioners which strain the hair; ditching the combs and brushes that pull at the hair will also help too.

    Postpartum hair loss should stop around 6-12 months after childbirth.

    Some bloggers have also spoken out about a little-known side effect of postpartum hair loss, which can put babies at risk if not managed properly.

    Bands of the hair can gather and create a tourniquet around the fingers, toes, wrists and ankles of your baby, so any mums going through the loss are advised to keep an extra eye out to avoid causing their little one any pain or discomfort.