‘I’m on holiday with Victor Meldrew’ Woman shares husband’s ridiculous holiday complaints in hilarious post

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  • A mother-of-two has shared a hilarious account of all the complaints she received from her very own ‘Victor Meldrew’ during a holiday with her husband.

    In the post, which she shared on Mumsnet, the 42 year old listed the gripes her husband had during their week-long holiday to a Mediterranean island, and it’s struck a chord with many other halves out there.

    The post starts with: ‘I seem to have found myself on holiday with Victor Meldrew. Tell me that I’m not the only one.

    ‘On a hot Mediterranean island suggested by DH [Dear Husband]. We return to the UK tomorrow, after a week’s holiday. Just him and me: DSD [Dear Step Daughter] and DSS [Dear Step Son] are too old to go on holiday with us.’

    The woman goes on to explain that she’s 45 and he’s 52, they’re both very fit and healthy, and happily married – except on this holiday, where she admits ‘I have been tempted to murder him!’

    Posting under the name ‘Nettletheelf’ she continues, sharing the 10-point list of the worst complaints and comments she’d received.

    ‘His complaints during the week have included the following:

    1. Too hot. We’re in the fecking mediterranean in August. Of course it’s sodding hot.

    1a. Too hot to sleep well, thus making him “a bit grumpy”.

    2. Beach too sandy (I HAVE NOT MADE THIS UP). Sand too fine and gets stuck to things, causing dismay.

    3. Beach, specifically sand, too hot to walk on.

    4. Has been “too full” to properly enjoy dinners at range of lovely restaurants.

    5. Claimed to be ‘delirious with the heat’ today after leaving air conditioned coach for two hours in historic town.

    6. We went on an organised long walk through an area of outstanding natural beauty, just up his street, I thought. He was disappointed in it. The gorge was “too stony”.

    7. Following gorge walk, his legs were “a bit sore” when descending stairs.

    8. Foreign chocolate not up to UK standards.

    9. World heritage site “a bit boring” and “just a load of stones”.

    10. Doesn’t like “being told things by people” i.e. tour guide with expert knowledge of ruins.

    Etc etc. I’ll spare you the rest.’

    Ending the post with an imploring question to every other long-suffering wife out there, she said: ‘Is this inevitable? Do they all turn into whinging b*******d? We know loads of them, and I always thought DH compared well. He doesn’t!

    It’s enough to put me off going on holiday with him again.’

    Though the married 42 year old was quick to caveat her funny list with, ‘Do I need to put LIGHT HEARTED, LIGHT HEARTED to prevent people telling me that my marriage is over and I should leave him? I have, just in case.’

    Responses to the post have been flooding in from fed-up wives and other halves, with one replying ‘Ah my sister has one of these! Send him back and ask for a refund!’

    While another user took a slightly more serious stance, asking ‘Tbh, if I was dragged on a guided tour, I’d be grumpy too! Do you just have different ideas of what holidays are about?’

    Do you have your own Victor Meldrew joining you on your summer holiday this year? Let us know in the comments box below.