‘We’ve been struggling’ Mum blogger opens up about the toll parenthood has taken on her relationship

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  • When you love someone, making babies with can seem like the ultimate way of bringing you closer – but for some couples, the harsh reality is something quite different.

    Australian mummy blogger Sophie Cachia runs the popular blog ‘The Young Mummy’ and is known for her honesty about some of the less-than-glamorous aspects of parenthood. Now, in her latest post, she’s opened up about the major changes her relationship with her husband has gone through since welcoming her two children, telling her followers: ‘We’re not broken, just bent.’

    Speaking candidly about the current state of her relationship with husband Jaryd, Sophia admits that for the first time, she’s ‘seeing how kids can so easily divide parents.’

    ‘In our situation, it’s not malicious and it’s most certainly not intentional.. it’s just… happening. And that’s the scary part. We’re great. We’re always so good. Yet, for the first time in nearly seven years I feel like I’m having to step it up.’

    ‘This is something that I’ve had to sit down with my husband and chat about numerous times (because despite how amazing they are, do men ever really listen the first time?),’ she details in the post, originally for parenting website Kidspot.

    She explains that during her first pregnancy and the time that son Bobby was an only child, she and Jaryd managed to make time for each other – ‘to stay social, to stay in touch, and most importantly – to stay in love.’ But with baby number two came a whole load more responsibilities and time restrictions, and as a result she has seen her relationship suffering.

    ‘I’m talking the date nights, the one-on-one bonding, the in-depth adult conversations that we’re so desperately lacking. I just want to talk more. Just us. With no baby on my tit and no Thomas the Tank blaring in the background.’

    Sophie’s thoughts have resonated with many readers who have felt a strain on their romantic relationship after starting a family and having their priorities shift – with many commenting on an Instagram post promoting the article to offer their support and share their experiences.

    ‘The ebbs & flows of relationships. Us/Me time is so important,’ wrote one sympathetic user.

    ‘It’s normal after Bub number two!’ promised another, whilst a third said simply: ‘Love your honesty.’

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