Disney’s Zootopia smashes Frozen’s box office record

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  • Here are some words we bet you never thought you’d hear; Frozen has finally had to give up its box office crown.

    Undoubtedly this will come as welcome news in your household and will have parents up and down the country wondering if the Frozen curse might finally be broken…

    Zootopia, which launched in America last week, is already on course to become the biggest animated success of 2016 (not bad only 12 weeks into the year).

    The Disney movie, which will be re-named Zootropolis in the UK due to copyright issues, has already racketed up £52,000,000 in America in its first weekend alone.

    By comparison, Elsa and Anna were only able to get £47,000,000 when they launched back in December 2013 (yes, it has only been three years, although it might feel like a life sentence for parents of Frozen-obsessed kids).

    Zootopia has knocked Frozen off the box office top spot already!

    Zootopia has received generally good reviews from critics, a film which sees Hollywood favourites Ginnifer Goodwin voice rabbit police officer Judy Hopps and Jason Bateman as fox Nick Wilde.

    The Hollywood favourites star opposite Luther favourite and British actor Idris Elba – who gets the rather unflattering role of a water buffalo.

    The official trailer shows us ‘a city where animals of all breeds, predator and prey alike, live together in peace and harmony’ – lions and gazelles riding the tube together. You get the idea.

    Judy Hopps, a new recruit from the police academy (and the first ever rabbit graduate we might add) soon gets in trouble with boss Idris Elba for not sticking to her assigned job as a parking meter attendant.

    However, Judy soon comes good, and audiences are treated to a typical Disney ending that’s sure to please!

    Perfect for parents and children alike, the film is released on 25th March in the UK (not time for many more replays of that Frozen DVD, phew).

    And best of all, not even a glimpse of ‘Let It Go’.

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