7 ingenious ways to use mulled wine

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  • Mulled wine is one of our favourite tipples around the Christmas period. It’s easy to make, sweet and spicy and warms you all the way through. But you might be surprised to here that mulled wine isn’t just for drinking. Here are 7 ingenious ways to use mulled wine…

    1. As a filling for your cakes

    Get the recipe: Mulled wine cupcakes

    Our mulled wine cupcakes recipe shows how turn this tipple into a thick syrup that can be poured into the middle of each sponge so that it oozes with that sweet, sticky mulled wine flavour.

    2. As a stock for your casserole

    Sounds interesting, right? Stick with us. If you’re making a beef or chicken casserole, use a mulled wine-based stock to really get your juices flowing. It’ll leave your meat tender and moreish.

    Use our mulled wine and beef casserole recipe to guide you!

    3. As a glaze for your tart

    Get the recipe: Mulled wine pear tart

    If you’re making a fruit tart for Christmas, give it a warming flavour by adding a mulled wine filling or glaze to your fruit. You can soak the fruit in the mulled wine before adding to your tart or you can glaze the fruit with a syrup mulled wine once assembled.

    4. As a topping for your cheesecake

    Give cheesecake a festive makeover with a mulled wine glaze. You can do this two ways, by either adding a spoonful at a time of icing sugar and mulled wine in a bowl and mixing until you have a loose paste, or you can be creative and whizz up 180g berries, push through a sieve and combine the berry puree with 45ml mulled wine to make a glaze. We’ve done the same with our Pimm’s cheesecake recipe.

    5. As a flavouring for your Christmas pud

    Get the recipe: Mulled wine Christmas pudding Make Christmas with an extra festive twist by soaking your fruits overnight in mulled wine before adding to the mix. It’ll make your pud extra warming and delicious!

    6. As a marinade for your meat

    Whether you leave your meat to soak in a mulled wine mix overnight in the fridge or you cook your meat on a low heat on the hob in mulled wine, it’s a really nice way to add a sweet-spicy flavour to a main course. Use our coca-cola chicken wings recipe to guide you!

    7. As a jelly for your trifle

    Get the recipe: Slimming World’s mulled wine trifle

    Give your Christmas trifle a mulled wine based jelly. Some gelatine and jelly crystals will turn your favourite tipple into a flavour packed jelly that is sure to give a punch!

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