Hilariously rude showstopper shocks Bake Off viewers

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  • The new series of the Great British Bake Off is underway, and the innuendos are already coming thick and fast!

    Sublime biscuits, towering cakes, ingenious loaves of bread: the Great British Bake Off is loved by millions for its contestants’  brilliant – and sometimes baffling – bakes, but not as much as the toe-curling innuendos like ‘soggy bottoms’ and ‘stiff peaks’ – ooer!

    The new series kicked off on Tuesday with biscuit week. After making their signature bakes and completing the technical challenge, which involved making a wagon wheel biscuit, the bakers were asked to create a biscuit selfie portrait of themselves somewhere memorable for their first showstopper challenge.

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    Stay-at-home dad Dan chose the moment he and his husband met their first child in America, where their surrogate was living.

    ‘Me and my husband had out kids with the help of a surrogate in California so we stayed at Palm Springs for a month just getting to know our kids and it was amazing,’ the 36-year-old explained, before adding: ‘It was the best moment of my life, just don’t tell my husband that!’

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    Shortly after judge Noel Fielding called time on the challenge, the contestants took the chance to have a quick snoop at their competition.

    However Dan’s heartfelt design didn’t go quite to plan, as fellow baker Kim-Joy glanced at his creation and said that she thought the biscuit baby wrapped in a pink blanket was ‘something else.’

    While Paul Hollywood called Dan’s creation ‘artistically great’, he remarked: ‘I question the baby, it looks like a massive prawn.’

    Viewers were also left stumped as to what Dan’s baby resembled, though several thought Paul’s ‘prawn’ assumption was a bit of a stretch!

    One Twitter user commented: ‘Absolutely loving Bake off already some amazing selfie biscuits, a baby wasn’t the first thing that came to mind with the palm springs one though.’

    ‘I burst out laughing at first look at it my other half had no clue,’ wrote another. ‘Deffo a c**k!!’

    A third noted: ‘Penis biscuit baby was the star of the show.’

    Bake Off fans were left in stitches at the cheeky gaffe, but could it be one of the last on the show? It was recently reported that the new season would aim to be more family-friendly and forgo their infamous innuendos, which we find hard to believe…

    Speaking at the Q&A for latest series, Paul revealed he still found double entendres funny and they’d always been a part of the show.

    ‘I suppose it’s been part of Bake Off for a few years, but it’s not the be all and end all in Bake Off. Maybe we should do an outtakes thing after 11pm,’ the 52-year-old baker said.

    Paul’s co-judge Prue Leith, 78, added: ‘We don’t cook them up, they just happen.’

    Innuendos or not, we’re loving the new Great British Bake Off! Have you chosen your favourite already? Head to our Facebook page and let us know in the comments.

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