Cadbury’s release new Oreo hot chocolate and it sounds delicious!

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  • While the hot weather may put you off reaching for a hot drink, you may change your mind after you discover that Cadbury’s has released a new hot chocolate flavour.

    The chocolate brand is now selling Oreo flavour hot chocolate and it’s already on the shelves in supermarket Sainsburys, where it was spotted by one eagle-eyed shopper for £3 for a 260g tub.

    Said to taste just like the popular chocolatey, vanilla biscuits, the instant hot choc powder is so simple to make as you just need to add hot water.

    Sainsburys website reads: ‘For the perfect Cadbury Oreo Hot Chocolate simply put 4 heaped teaspoons (28 g) of Cadbury Oreo Hot Chocolate into a mug, pour on hot water and stir.’

    Fans of the American cookie were quick to express their excitement on social media after the new flavour was discovered by FoodieUK, who shared a snap of the tub on Instagram.

    One said: ‘Oreo in a mug sounds lush as.’

    Another added: ‘Cadbury Has Released Oreo Hot Chocolate And It’s Dreamy.’

    A third said: ‘I live for tea. I had Oreo hot chocolate the other day. My inside kept screaming for more.’

    While a fourth added: ‘Cadbury now does an OREO hot chocolate and it sounds perfect!’

    oreosYou could dunk a few Oreos in your Oreo hot chocolate… Now that’s a combo! 

    However, not everyone appeared impressed with Cadbury’s latest offering, as one person moaned: ‘I’m obsessed with Oreo at the moment, but I think they ruin chocolate by making it into hot chocolate sometimes so I’m not rushing to try it.’

    While this drink may sound delicious, especially if it actually tastes like the biscuits, it’s not one to over-indulge in, especially if you’re watching your waist line.

    One 28g serving of the hot chocolate drink has 1.9 grams of saturated fat and a whopping 17 grams of sugar in it.

    This means it’s 10 per cent and 19 per cent of your recommended daily allowances, respectively.


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