8 of Candice’s most WINNING Bake Off moments!

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  • Congratulations Candice! The PE teacher, famed for her stunning line of lippies, has baked her way to victory as winner of The Great British Bake Off 2016!

    Candice was already the favourite to win this series, after earning star baker an amazing three times – more than any other contestant.

    She’s created some of this year’s most stunning bakes (remember that marzipan peacock?) and, despite a wobbly bread week, she’s been one of the most consistent bakers throughout.

    And so to celebrate our new Bake Off Queen, we’ve rounded up five reasons why Candice truly deserved the Bake Off crown right from the very first mention of ready, set, BAKE!

    1. Her lipstick has always been AMAZING

    Image: BBC/ Love Productions
    We had two big questions going into every episode of Bake Off. Who is the next baker to leave the tent and what colour lipstick will Candice wear?! The first time we saw her without any, we were shocked! In fact we’ve grown so accustomed to Candice’s amazing make-up, Mel even had to put some on for her in the semi-final. Seriously, we didn’t realise one person could own so many different colours!

    2. Who can forget that gingerbread pub?

    We’d only seen a little bit of Candice’s skills by this point, but it was in biscuit week when she really showed us what she can do. In one of the most impressive showstoppers of the series, she gave us an incredible gingerbread pub, based on her childhood.

    Not only this but during the episode, she gave us some of the best innuendos from the entire series. Andrew’s face when she asked him to hold her jugs was priceless.

    3. She actually threw her sponge at the wall

    Other bakers would just throw away their bad cakes in the bin. But not Candice. When her sponge went wrong she took it out on the Bake Off tent, chucking it at the wall and leaving it on the carpet. Now that’s how to get rid of a sponge and start again…

    4. She had the BEST reaction to Mel’s questioning

    Poor Mel was a bit confused about how Candice managed to sneak orange juice into her Jaffa cakes technical challenge. But it does show Candice knows how to improvise like a pro.

    5. She was honest about her underwear

    Image: BBC/ Love Productions
    She’s a girl after our own hearts. It takes a certain type of Bake Off contestant to admit she doesn’t own lace pants on British TV and we love her for it.

    6. She accepted baking doesn’t make you fit

    Candice’s job as a P.E teacher means she knows all about being healthy, but it turns out she’s just like us when it comes to cake. She admitted at the beginning of yesterday’s final that her baking habit has made her clothes feel slightly tighter. Why must cake taste so good? Maybe she needs to adopt Val’s technique of exercising while you bake…

    7. HER. PUG.

    Ok Candice was the star of the show last night, but there was another contender. Step forward Candice’s pug. Her little dog Dennis was there to cheer his owner on and we all immediately fell in love with him. Awww.

    8. Her emotional winning speech

    It was sweet enough watching all the finalists hold hands as Mel and Sue announced the winner, but Candice’s reaction was the icing on the cake. Fighting back tears she said: ‘I did it… I’m good enough’. We always knew she was!

    Congrats Candice, we can’t wait to see what you do next!