You can now buy alcoholic old school ice pops

And they’re making us feel nostalgic

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South London-based start-up Wavey Ice has created ice pops just like the ones we had when we were kids, but with added alcohol.

Wavey Ice, The Original Boozy Ice Pop brand sell alcoholic ice lollies in three fun flavours. Through the online shop, customers can order boxes of the alcoholic ice pops and have them delivered directly to their door.

The three booze-infused flavours of on offer are: Sour Apple & Gin, Watermelon & Vodka and Black Grape & White Rum. Each is 6.25% ABV. Yum!

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You recall ice pops, right? The lollies that come in plastic tubes are practically a summer staple. As a kid, you would snip off the top and then probably suck all the flavour out of the tube-shaped ice inside. Sadly ice pops were delegated to the child pile along with teddy and your diary with the heart-shaped padlock on the front when you inevitably outgrew them.

But now, thanks to the addition of alcohol, we can put ice pops into the ‘acceptable for adults’ category. Wavey Ice’s boozy ice pops will make you feel nostalgic as they look just like the ones you had when you were a kid. They come in the same plastic tubes and garish colours. All this plus booze to make them even more fun!

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Wavey Ice, The Original Boozy Ice Pop brand, has been selling alcoholic ice pops since 2014. The company was created by two bartenders who could previously be found selling alcoholic ice pops in clubs and festivals or working on collaborations with brands.

However, as currently many of these events have been postponed. Wavey Ice fans can instead purchase the alcoholic lollies online. The pops are delivered as a liquid in a tube and require freezing before being enjoyed. Each box contains 15 pops and costs £30. There are options to buy a single flavour or a mixed box containing five of each flavour.

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