B&M stores are selling limited edition chocolate orange Daim bars for £1

But you need to be quick!

The classic Daim bar was a huge hit back in the 90s, and now it also comes in a brand new updated version: a chocolate orange flavour.

The original favourite was known for its crunchy almond caramel filling covered in milk chocolate, but this latest chocolate orange version will give the bar a slightly different taste.

There's even been a slight update to the packaging with this limited edition bar, which is wrapped in an orange branded wrapper as opposed to the original red colour.

Facebook page 'Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK' announced the news in a post to its followers, showing a picture of the new chocolate bar and said: 'Limited Edition Orange Daim Bars ONLY £1 at B&M!...'


It seems fans are pretty delighted about the idea, with over 2000 people commenting on how they either want one or have already managed to try the yummy treats.

'They are absolutely delicious', said one fan, while another added: 'I love Daim bars. Now they're orange!!!'

The limited edition orange Daim bars appear to be pretty good value too, because you're not just buying one bar for £1 - instead the offer is £1 for a pack of three.

While the original bars are known for being stocked in Ikea stores worldwide, the Facebook post states that B&M stores are currently stocking the limited edition bars.

If you're nowhere near a B&M store but still want to try one of these limited edition bars, commenters have also noted that they're available in Poundland and Iceland in the three-pack for £1 deal too.

Having first launched in Sweden and hit supermarkets back in the 1950s under the slightly different name of Dajm, it wasn't until 2005 that the chocolate was renamed Dime bar for the British market. However, nowadays it's officially known as Daim.

Other alternative flavours that have been released over the years for the bar include gingerbread, Coke, white chocolate, dark chocolate, blueberry, lemon/orange and mint.


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