Ben & Jerry’s launch unique ice cream filled with salted crisps

Ben & Jerry's

Many of us are snacking more during lockdown, and it can sometimes be hard to choose between savoury or sweet treats. But Ben & Jerry’s has the perfect compromise with their new flavour!

Ben & Jerry’s has created a brand new ice cream which combines the sweet taste of the frozen dessert with the saltiness of crisps.

Chip Happens is chocolate ice cream with fudge bits and crunchy salted crisps, referred to as ‘potato chips’ on the carton as it’s an American company.

The new flavour has been created in collaboration with Netflix series Nailed It!. This isn’t the first time they’ve collaborated with the streaming service either.

Last year, they created Netflix and Chill’d which is the perfect accompaniment to any Netflix binge. They even did a non-dairy version so everyone could enjoy it!

As for the new flavour, Chip Happens is a limited edition flavour that has been available in the US for a while but will soon be making its way across the pond.

Shoppers will be able to pick up the ice cream in Asda for £4.50 a tub.

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The product description reads, ‘Sometimes “chip” happens and everything’s a mess, but we Nailed It! with this chip-filled limited batch.

‘When smooth chocolate ice cream meets fudge chips & salty swirls, they pack a serious one-two crunch. The best part? There won’t be anything left to clean up.’

The combination might sound a bit odd to some of you, but the ice cream has already racked up some positive reviews online.

One glowing review reads, ‘The chip swirls have the perfect salt content and potato taste.

'They stay crispy, which is a great complement to the thin crunch of the chocolate chips and that smooth, almost milk chocolate ice cream.’

Another adds, 'Absolutely delicious. Sweet, salty, creamy and crunchy. This is a pint of oxymorons and I love it.'

Perhaps that’ll convince you to give it a go? Let us know if you'll be trying it!

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