The best times to shop each supermarket's reduced aisles REVEALED

Take note...

If you're always looking for the best deals for your food shopping, take note, because new research has revealed the best time to shop reduced items at your favourite supermarket...

Who doesn't like a bargain, especially when it comes to making the most of your food shop?

Now, new research from Quick Quid has revealed the best times to shop reduced items at each supermarket, so you can cleverly time your food shop to get the best deals. Yellow stickers at the ready!

The best times to shop discounted products at each supermarket

According to Quick Quid, each supermarket has a different timeline for lowering their prices, although this can vary from store to store.


ASDA tend to lower their prices up to 25% off at 12pm, and up to 50% off at 5pm. Their discount increases to 75% off at 9pm.


Morrisons only start lowering their prices at 5pm, when they go to 50% off, and then again at 9pm when they go up to 75% off.


Sainsbury's start their discounts earlier, at 1pm, when their price tags can drop to 25% off. The second wave of discounts starts at 5pm, up to 50% off, and then again at 8pm, when they go up to 75% off.

Tesco and Co-op

Tesco and Co-op seem to be the best supermarkets to go to if you're looking for an early bargain. Some of their products get yellow labels as early as 8am, for up to 25% off.

Tesco then goes up to 50% off at 4pm and up to 75% off at 8pm, while Co-op does it at 5pm and 7pm.

To make sure you don't miss out on any discounted products, always look around and check out all the areas of the supermarket including the chilled section, bakery, fruit and veg, flowers, seasonal aisle (post-Christmas/Easter, etc.), deli counters and the damaged-reduced section.

Tips for buying discounted products

While getting your products at a discounted price might seem like a good deal at the time, there are some important things to consider before you fill up your shopping cart.

1. Make sure you're going to eat it Buying a product just because it's on sale can be tempting, but ask yourself if you're actually going to eat it before you get it.

2. Check the discount A big and bright yellow sticker can grab your attention - and that's exactly what it's meant to do - but check carefully to see how much the discount actually is. If it's only a few pennies, is it still worth it?

Check the use-by date There's a reason these products are discounted, and that reason is likely to be because it's reaching its sell-by date. Check carefully to see if you'll be able to safely consume the product before it goes off, but bear in mind you can always freeze it. Do you have any more tips for making the most of your food shop? Let us know in the comments section!


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