Birds Eye CONFIRM you’ve been cooking potato waffles wrong! Try this genius hack

You've been cooking waffles wrong
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Their catchy jingle, 'Birds Eye potato waffles, they’re waffly versatile has never been more apt as the frozen food giant has revealed there’s a new time-saving way to cook your favourite potato-based snack.

While potato waffle purists will argue the facts, Birds Eye has carried out tests on over 3,000 waffles for an impressive 103 hours 30 minutes and has now confirmed you CAN cook waffles in the toaster!

This unique way of cooking has sparked debate and divided the nation, ever since Birds Eye asked the question on its social media platforms; resulting in three quarters of the nation claiming they had no idea you could cook them in a toaster.

After 20 days of rigorous testing, toasting at various temperatures for different lengths of time, Birdseye has deemed this way of cooking perfectly safe while still being utterly delicious.

The frozen food producer recommends setting the heat to medium/high and after just two pops of the toaster - waffle fans can enjoy a deliciously fluffy treat.

Birds Eye believes in this new method so much that they’ve decided to add it to their cooking instructions on the side of the box.

Steve Challouma, Marketing Director at Birds Eye, said: “We know there has been a lot of confusion and debate on this way of cooking our Original Potato Waffles so we decided to put it to the test. We’re happy to confirm it is safe to cook our waffles this way and it doesn’t compromise on taste either – you can still expect the same delicious taste that is crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle!”

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So are you are a potato waffle pioneer; cooking them like this since the dawn of time, or are you only now discovering this time-saving hack? Head over to our Facebook page to let us know your thoughts.

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