Unicorn MILK has arrived and your kids are going to be obsessed with it

Have a child who’s obsessed with unicorns? Get ready for their love of them to turn up a notch as unicorn milk is here!

Yes, you heard us correctly. From stationery to homeware, unicorns have been everywhere the past year but now the magical creature is about to invade your fridge.

Bargain store B&M have launched the stuff of colourful dreams - unicorn milk. Ok, it might not be 100% the real deal, but it’s close enough.

The magical straws will transform the colour and taste of your milky glass in an instant, making it the perfect special occassion treat for the kids. They come in the following tasty flavours: strawberry, banana, forest fruit, creamy choco, fruit cereal and jammy biscuit - mmm!

The even tastier news is that a packet of 13 quick milk straws will only cost you a bargain 89p. They're also gluten free, are made from natural flavours and are just 24 calories per straw.

Whilst you’re there, there are more mythical-themed treats you can pop in your basket that the kids are also going to love.

To start your day the truly magical way, the retailer is also selling unicorn Fruit Loops for £2 a box. A perfect weekend treat breakfast for the kids, we can't see the cornflakes getting a look in when they've got the option of a bowl of these!

Plus, for the perfect summer holiday activity, pick up a box of their unicorn biscuit making sets – which come with a free unicorn cookie cutter – for just £1.29.

And, talking of summer holidays, if you need some form of bribery to keep the kids behaved (let's be honest, it works), we can see kids practically bending over backwards to get their hands on one of these magical unicorn pops. They're also the perfect addition for birthday party bags and a bag will cost you just £1.

With all these new magical treats popping up, it looks like the unicorn obsession won't be flying away anytime soon!