Cadbury confirm whether chocolate should be kept in the fridge or not - but do you agree?

Are you team cupboard or fridge?

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Cadbury have revealed whether you should keep chocolate in the cupboard or the fridge - but do you agree with the official verdict?

With the British summer quickly gaining momentum, you might have returned from your food shop and popped your chocolate-based treats straight in the fridge to prevent them from melting, or to try and save a bar that has already started to lose its shape.

Maybe you’re already firmly in the camp that says chocolate should be stored in the fridge but the debate is nearly as jarring as cream or jam first on scones (opens in new tab)

Reigniting the discussion online earlier this month, Twitter user Bruno Bouchet shared a ‘definitive list’ of foods that should be kept in the fridge, pantry (cupboard).

In fact, he was so confident he wrote: “Don’t bother commenting, this isn’t up for discussion.”

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Unsurprisingly, people couldn’t help but give their opinion. For many, the peanut butter placement was as mind boggling as the chocolate as people argued it would be too difficult to spread.

Despite his confidence on the matter, Bruno Bouchet did reach out to Cadbury Australia for their verdict and they replied...

Cadbury Australia confirmed that chocolate should be kept “in a cool, dry, dark place such as a cupboard or pantry”.

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Despite this, several said they would have to agree to disagree while others called for Cadbury UK to weigh into the debate.

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We contacted Cadbury UK for their opinion and their rep confirmed, Cadbury chocolate belongs in the cupboard.

They said: “We’ve been asked this age old question for decades and we can confirm to ensure the quality of Cadbury chocolate isn’t compromised, fans should store Cadbury chocolate in a slightly cool, dry, dark place such as cupboard or pantry at temperatures less than 21C.

However for those who prefer cooler chocolate, you can still store your chocolate in the fridge but pantry is best!”

If we're honest, chocolate isn't around for long enough in our household for any debate to unfold.

But for those firmly in the cold chocolate camp, you should try this creme egg ice cream recipe (opens in new tab) or our indulgent chocolate ice cream with caramel sauce.

Has this story changed your opinion on where chocolate should be stored or has it confirmed your original thoughts? What other items do you think are stored in the fridge unnecessarily?

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