Cadbury is changing Dairy Milk bar’s recipe for first time in 100 years

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  • Cadbury has announced they will be changing the recipe for their Dairy Milk bar for the first time in 100 years.

    The chocolate makers have announced the news that the chocolate bar will now be made with 30 per cent less sugar, which will not be replaced with artificial sweeteners.

    Glenn Caton, president of Northern Europe of Mondelēz International, the company that owns Cadbury, said: ‘We’ve tested this with hundreds of consumers and they love it.

    ‘It’s very tricky to reformulate chocolate because it’s just cocoa, sugar and milk and if you take one thing out, it changes the structure,” said Caton, who claimed he could barely taste the difference between the two bars.

    ‘We’ve used fibre as an alternative to some of the sugar and found it doesn’t have a negative impact on the taste or structure.’

    However, if you’re worried about the chocolate changing its taste forever, you’ll be happy to hear you’ll still be able to enjoy the original version.

    The company changed the recipe to create a new, healthier version of the chocolate bar, but will still be selling the original.

    Dairy Milk

    Mr Caton said: ‘Dairy Milk Consumers love original Cadbury Dairy Milk. We want to offer this as a choice, not as a replacement to people who want to treat themselves. We think offering 30 per cent less sugar [bars] is a more balanced approach than doing something controversial like taking Cadbury Dairy Milk away.’

    If the move turns out to be successful, then they could apply the change to more Cadbury products.

    Responding to the news, Public Health England (PHE) said it is glad that companies are now offering healthier alternatives to consumers.

    ‘This announcement shows reducing sugar in chocolate confectionery is possible, and we look forward to seeing future reductions across more of its confectionery range’, Alison Tedstone, chief nutritionist at PHE, said.

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