Chocolate lovers left furious as Cadbury replaces iconic Fudge bar in their Christmas selection boxes

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  • If there’s one thing worth remembering about this nation at Christmas, it’s the fact that we hold our confectionery very close to our hearts.

    Whether we’re trudging through our nan’s tin of Roses or fighting our siblings for the last Malteaser in the Celebrations tub, things can get pretty emotional where Christmas and chocolate is involved.

    That’s why many have decided Cadbury’s are nothing short of fools for fraternising with the much-loved Christmas selection box, replacing the Fudge bar found in the collection with a Dairy Milk Oreo bar.

    Steve Meddle/REX/Shutterstock

    The cookie-centred chocolate bar, which is more commonly associated with the US, is making a sly debut in the selection box this year, and there’s a lot of people on Twitter who are unhappy with the decision.

    ‘Am I the only person who thinks Cadbury taking Fudge out of the selection box is more important than the colour of my passport?’ asked one who refered to the topical news of the day, whilst another said: ‘They’ve replaced the Fudge with a Dairy Milk Oreo! I’m outraged.’

    ‘Bro you can’t just change the Cadbury selection box, I love Oreo chocolate but it’s not in the right place,’ a third tweeted.

    ‘First they came for the curly-wurlys, and I did not speak out,’ another outraged shopper added. ‘Then they came for the Fudge— and now have to start a revolution against this chocolate tyranny.’

    However, a brave few have spoken out and said that they are in favour of the change.

    ‘I’m in favour! There I said it, call me irrational and dangerous if you want,’ one joked.

    ‘No one has ever gone to a shop to buy a Chomp or a Fudge, why do Cadbury ruin Christmas every year by including them in a selection box?’ questioned another.

    ‘This year we have updated the range available within our selection boxes to improve the mix and offer more of a variety for our fans,’ a Cadbury spokesperson.

    ‘Cadbury Fudge is still available in our small selection box and Freddo selection box but has been removed from the medium selection box to ensure we’re offering choice between the ranges,’ they added.

    Selection boxes are said to date as far back as the 19th and 20th century.

    Rowntree’s were one of the first chocolatiers to offer the products alongside Cadbury, but it is now the brand known for its Dairy Milk bars and Buttons that have stood the test of time.