The BEST (and also slightly terrifying) divorce cakes we’ve ever seen

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  • Ah marriage, it’s a beautiful thing… unless it breaks down of course…

    With numbers on the up for divorces (it’s been reported that nearly 42% of nuptials end in separation), it looks like there’s a fresh foodie trend for celebrating newly-found singledom. And it’s cake.

    Yep, you read that right – people are splashing their cash on some of the most lavish cakes we’ve seen in a long time, all in the name of a ‘happy divorce’.

    Each to their own and, well, we guess if you’re going to get divorced you may as well get plenty of cake in compensation.

    From hilarious to ever so slightly terrifying, here’s a roundup of the most genius divorce cake ideas we’ve seen.

    The one for the ‘cheetah-ed’ on

    #emilianosbakery #divorcecake #yeg #yegfood #yegbakery

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    You know, just in case the world was interested in the reason for your split…

    The one for the underappreciated

    Go free! Spread your wings and fly!

    The one for the savvy splitter

    #fabcakestoronto #fabulouscakes #fabcakesvaughan #divorcecake

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    Because you may as well get a little somthin’ somthin’ out of your divorce, and we heard diamonds are capable of funding the best holidays.

    The long-time-coming one

    😂🎂 #problemsolved #divorcecake #peacebitch

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    Gah, husbands can really get in the way of your flirting potential. See ya!

    The financially liberated one

    It’s your damn money and you’ll spend it however you please, thank you very much (and yes, even if it’s on a ridiculously expensive cake).

    The ever-so-slightly questionable one

    We’re not sure we can condone this one…

    The one for borderline maniacs…

    Um… No comment, again. But please don’t do this in real life, because remember real life is not a cake even if cake is your life.

    The one for the chocoholics

    Because if you’re going to have to go through a divorce you’re going to need to up your sugar levels considerably.

    The one for the avenger

    Or in other words, the crazy ex-wife…

    So, there you have it, a whole new food trend you’ve probably never heard of. Would you get a divorce cake? Let us know in the comments below!

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