Domino's launches panic button to rescue you from festive food fatigue - here's how you can get free pizza!

Dominos vegan pizza

As the period between Christmas and New Year blurs into a haze of leftover turkey and Brussels sprouts, Domino's are saving the day with an epic opportunity to rescue you from festive food fatigue.

The pizza franchise has done some research and found that 57% of the country are sick of turkey by December 27 following days of leftovers.

In a bid to save the day, Domino's are launching a pilot programme this year - the Turkey Panic Button - and are looking for volunteers to test it out. It comes just months after the pizza giant launched an epic vegan menu. 

Pizza lovers that volunteer will receive their own panic button and will be able to press for pizza during Twixmas - the lull between festivities where most people are off work with little to do with themselves but eat and drink.

Whenever hunger strikes and the Turkey Panic Button is pressed, piping hot pizza will be delivered straight to their door, for free. And Domino's has even shared a quick hack for reheating pizza perfectly. 

Domino's are launching a turkey panic button

And, if the pilot programme goes well this year, Domino's will consider rolling it out nationwide ready for Christmas 2021. Amazing!

A spokesperson for Domino's, Melanie Howe, said, “With everything 2020 has thrown at us, the last thing we need on our dining tables at the end of the year is yet another plate of dry turkey. We had a hunch most of the country thought so too, and our research showed we were absolutely spot on.

"We’ve created a much-needed piece of technological magic for 2020 that is perfectly primed to save the nation’s turkey-related woes. We hope our button testers are as rigorous as our pizza testers!”

If you would like to take part in the Turkey Panic Button trial, head to the @dominos_uk Instagram page on 27 December for full details on how to apply.

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