Calling all food fans: Learn how to style and photograph food like a professional

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  • Anyone who’s watched an episode of The Great British Bake Off or a clip of Masterchef will know food doesn’t always play ball and do what you want it to, which sometimes means photographing it can be tricky.

    From things going cold and losing their colour to cakes not quite rising how you’d like them to, there are all kinds of pitfalls food photographers have to navigate to get those final pictures we see on websites and in magazines. We’re talking balancing getting a shot of the souffl√© while it’s still beautiful and high, while not moving it too fast in case we knock all the air out of it.

    Thankfully there are some tricks of the trade that you can apply to your food photography at home to make it look polished and professional, in just a few easy steps. At GoodtoKnow we’ve spent years perfecting the art of food styling, to make sure our recipes look as good as they taste – and now we want to share the knowledge we’ve learnt along the way.

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    To do just that we’ve teamed up with camera whizzes Fujifilm to lead an exciting and exclusive experience day, in which you can learn about what makes the perfect food picture from some of our favourite industry insiders.

    On hand we’ll have expert Fujifilm photographer Chio Fernandez to show you exactly how she gets beautiful food shots, time and time again. She’ll be sharing insider tips and tricks that you’ll be able to use on the day to make sure your pictures have that professional edge. She’ll also be guiding you on what to do back in your own home to get the same results.

    As part of her demonstration Chio, who has worked for huge clients like Harvey Nichols and Airbnb, will run a practical hands-on workshop, explaining how to come up with beautiful compositions for your dishes, as well as looking at shape, colour and focal points in food.

    Also on hand will be one of Time Inc’s food stylists, Rosie Conroy, who has years of experience when it comes to arranging and prepping food for photography. Having worked across some of Britain’s biggest brands like GoodtoKnow, Woman & Home and Woman’s Weekly she knows all those little tricks you might not immediately think of when it comes to getting winning shots. Whether that be using a scattering of colourful ingredients to make a dish look more appealing or getting things deliberately messy to make everything look more realistic, Rosie will be sharing their favourite ways to get beautiful, delicious-looking shots that would be worthy of being published.

    To give you an authentic peek behind-the-scenes at what we do we’ll be running the day from a beautiful East London studio, Rye London. With plenty of natural light and an industrial Nordic design, this food studio is the perfect backdrop to make food the star of the show. As well as playing backdrop to the likes of Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Jamie Magazine shooting in the space, it’s in kitchens like this that we develop, test and shoot all the recipes we put on GoodtoKnow.

    Throughout the session we’ll be taking three different types of classic Christmas dishes and showing you how we would treat each one to make them look beautiful. And don’t worry, we will have made all the food for you, so you won’t even be faced with the usual pile of washing up!

    You’ll be using Fujifilm’s latest camera which is perfect for aspiring bloggers and foodies, thanks to its functions that allow you to send snaps straight to your smartphone from the camera, where you can upload to social media. On the day we’ll demonstrate how to download the Fujifilm app do just that, helping you pair your phone with the camera, so you can quickly and easily show off everything you’ve learned to friends and family.

    To make sure you get plenty of individual attention we’re limiting places to just eight for the session. Because of the select availability you’ll have to be quick to grab a ticket. We’re allocating the total of eight slots on a first come first served basis. Each ticket will cost ¬£30, and includes a four-hour practical session with a professional photographer and food stylist, all the food that you will need for your shots, and a free Fujifilm memory card to take away with you.

    If you’d like to attend then simply click on the link above to purchase a ticket or two.