Crafty Twitter user sends the internet into meltdown as he shares epic hack for making a giant Cadbury’s Creme Egg

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  • A chocolate obsessed Twitter user shared an epic step by step guide on how to create an utterly huge version of an Easter favourite.

    Taking to social media, the poster, known as Hargi on his account, admitted that he had become a little tipsy after enjoying some whisky and decided to attempt a chocolate-y stunt.

    After getting his hands on dozens of Cadbury Creme Eggs and a plain Cadbury Easter Egg shell, he began to create a ginormous version, by spooning out the innards of the Crème Egg and placing them inside the egg shaped shell.

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    Naturally, for those who are big Creme Egg fans this probably seems like a fantastic idea. If you’re a Crème Egg hater, probably not so much…

    Confessing that the confectionary experiment had always been a dream of his, Hargi shared snaps of each stage with his amused Twitter followers.

    At the half way point, he explained it had taken 15 small eggs to fill just half of the larger egg shell.

    Having filled it to the brim with sweet cream, he left it in the fridge to set, before sharing a glorious image of the final creation and tucking into it with a spoon.

    We can feel the sugar rush from here.

    The thread prompted mixed reactions from commenters, with many swooning over the oversized treat.

    My childhood dream,’ one wrote, while another chipped in, ‘Tremendous effort here! This is the content I want from Twitter!

    Mate. You are the hero we didn’t know we needed. I salute you,’ wrote a third.

    Meanwhile, another took time to work out the logistics of the indulgent construction.

    A creme egg is ~160 calories. A Dairy Milk easter egg shell is about 1050 kcals.  If you’ve added 30x Creme eggs to that bad boy? 5850 kcals in total.  More than two days’ food. Or…One truly vomit-inducing afternoon,’ wrote one rather concerned poster.