16 reasons GBBO’s Selasi would make the BEST Bake Off judge

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  • Poor Selasi. Our favourite baker was knocked out of the Great British Bake Off 2016 this week at the last hurdle, just missing out on a chance in the final.

    But, we have an idea. While Selasi might not be the next Bake Off winner, we think he’s got a pretty good shot as a Bake Off judge.

    Mary Berry won’t be returning to the tent for another series, so it looks like there’s a spot open. And so, as we say goodbye to Selasi, we’ve rounded up all the reasons he would make the best Bake Off judge EVER!

    1. He helps the other contestants

    Image: BBC/Love Productions

    What a true gent. Here he is helping his fellow baker (and we think his soulmate) Benjamia, with some all important taste testing. It might be a competition, but that doesn’t stop Selasi looking out for everyone.

    2. He makes everyone laugh

    When the heat is on in the kitchen, he gives everyone a giggle just when it’s needed the most. That sounds like judge material to us.

    3. He already knows the presenter’s lines

    If he doesn’t make it as a judge, Selasi could even make it as a presenter! In the semi finals he told fellow bakers they had 2 hours left, much to the amusement of Mel and Sue. If his chance at becoming a judge doesn’t turn out, at least he has a presenting career to fall back on.

    4. He remains calm under pressure

    Nothing seemed to phase Selasi, not even in the semi finals when his palmieres weren’t behaving. Throughout the series, Sealsi was always the calmest contestant. From winging recipes to lying down on the tent floor, we thought Bake Off was meant to be stressful! Not for Selasi apparently…

    5. But he’s human enough to admit when he’s nervous

    Image: BBC/Love Productions
    Those few moments when we got a glimpse of a nervous Selasi might have been rare, but it shows you just how seriously he takes his baking. Just because of his cool, calm exterior, doesn’t mean he doesn’t care.

    6. He gives the best pep talks

    Whether it’s to himself or one of the other bakers, Selasi knows how to make it all better. An essential skill for a Bake Off judge, when the bakers are feeling the pressure.

    7. His intense stare is a thing of beauty

    Image: BBC/Love Productions
    Move over Paul Hollywood, there’s a new icy stare in town and we can’t cope with it. Whether he’s making fondant or getting criticism from his questionable signature bake, that stare has melted our hearts.

    8. He rocks a Paul Hollywood blue shirt

    Image: BBC/Love Productions
    You’ve got some competition Paul. Better watch out.

    9. He’s a gracious loser

    Judges need to know what it’s like to lose, and Selasi’s heartfelt goodbye speech after being knocked out proves he knows how to lose but still keep it together. He’d be the perfect shoulder to cry on for other contestants as they’re knocked out one by one!

    10. He can utilise his muscles in every situation

    Ok so maybe this doesn’t have a huge amount to do with making him a good judge. But, yeah. You show that Viennese Whirl mix who’s boss.

    11. He mastered the Bake Off pun

    ‘Wheelie hot iced biscuits’. So witty, no one will notice the questionable piping.

    12. He doesn’t let the little things stress him out

    Image: BBC/Love Productions
    Mirror glaze? Piece of cake. Global financial crisis? No big deal! That’s the sort of person next years’ bakers need to look up to.

    13. He can teach bakers to be humble in their victories

    Image: BBC/Love Productions

    14. And honest about their defeats

    Image: BBC/Love Productions

    15. He already knows that deploying your killer smile will secure you a win in any technical challenge

    Of course, it helps if you also have better eyes than The Hollywood…

    16. And we need a judge who can rock a tea towel as excellent casual wear

    Image: BBC/Love Productions
    Well, what else are you going to accessorise those sweat-free shoulders with?

    Fingers crossed we see you next year Selasi

    Do you have a favourite GBBO contestant so far this year? Let us know in the comments below!