Halo Top UK: The popular 'healthy' American ice cream brand is finally coming to a supermarket shelf near you…

The Halo Top UK launch is the food news we ice-cream lovers have been waiting for.

The Halo Top UK launch is the food news we ice cream lovers have been waiting for...

Coming in between just 240-320 calories per PINT of ice-cream, American brand Halo Top's tubs of ice-cold deliciousness are the definition of guilt-free treat. For a quick comparison, a pint of Ben & Jerry's chocolate ice cream comes in at around 1,000 calories per tub – so we're talking about a low-cal ice-cream really ready to give B&J's a run for their money!

The LA-based ice cream company is already incredibly popular overseas thanks to their selection of mouth-watering flavours and low-cal ingredients.

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Where the makers behind Halo Top ice cream cut calories, they certainly don't compromise on flavour. As of 2018, UK shoppers will be able to discover some of the brand's best flavours such as Cinnamon Roll, Sea Salt Caramel, Peanut Butter Cup and Caramel Macchiato.

The reason Halo Top can sell such low-cal ice cream without compromising on the taste is because instead of using sugar to make their product, they use stevia. A natural sweetener, stevia is considered a 'healthy' alternative to sugar and is also said to help reduce blood pressure.

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When is the Halo Top UK launch?

So, where can you get your hands on the delicious Halo Top ice cream when it launches in the UK next year? Well, The Grocer reports that although the exact launch date hasn't been confirmed, when it does become available, Halo Top has 'secured listings with several major UK supermarkets' – meaning you should be able to pick up a pint of low-cal ice cream from your local supermarket. It's also thought that the brand are considering a January launch to capitalise on healthy New Year's resolutions.

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Although Halo top boast over 25 flavours in total – including seven different dairy-free and vegan variants – it's not clear at this stage which of their delicious flavours will be available to British shoppers.


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