IKEA is axing this iconic delicacy from stores and we're gutted

IKEA is scrapping one of its most famous foodie delights

IKEA is axing this iconic food
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IKEA fans, take note - the Swedish retailer is about to make a major change to its beloved food range. 

It's no secret that we all love to treat ourselves to a delicious sweet treat after a tiring shopping trip, especially when we're on the hunt for new furnishings. 

After a long session of trying out IKEA shopping hacks followed by a plate of the store's iconic meatballs, it's usually time to pick up some Daim chocolate, right?

Loyal customers of the Swedish retailer should be warned, however, that they may no longer be able to purchase the iconic snack from its world-famous range. 

IKEA has now announced its plan to remove two chocolate products from its shelves and replace them with its own-brand alternatives. The scrapped products have been named as Daim and Marabou, which are both known for their silky smooth chocolate.

Daim - IKEA is axing this iconic food

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 The news comes as dozens of Scandinavian companies boycott Mondelez, which owns both Daim and Marabou, over its decision to pay tax to the Russian government and continue operations in the country despite its invasion of Ukraine. 

IKEA has claimed that the removal of these products is not related to politics, however, telling the media that the furniture giant has "been focusing on Ikea-branded confectionery products" for "some years" and has "further developed its own chocolate and candy products." 

One of IKEA's most popular Daim products has been its frozen Daim Almond Cake Chocolate and Crunch, which is sold for £4.95. 

Many fans of the product have taken to Twitter in the past to share their love of the dessert, which will soon no longer be available to buy in any of its UK stores. 

"I have the strongest craving for IKEA's Daim chocolate cake with almond," one tweet reads, while another person called it "the best cake I’ve ever eaten." 

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