Jamie Oliver says that VINEGAR is the secret to perfect roast potatoes

Why did we never think of this before?

Jamie Oliver's perfect roast potatoes
(Image credit: Alamy Stock Photo)

We reveal how to get Jamie Oliver's perfect roast potatoes every time. The chef has shared his trick for making perfect roasted spuds - and it's an idea that we've not come across before.

Speaking as part of a Classic Christmas Tips & Hacks video on his YouTube channel, the celebrity chef explained his steps to making the most incredibly tasty roastie, and one of them is a spritz of vinegar.


In the clip, Jamie takes potatoes that are almost done, and squashes them lightly with a potato masher to allow more of their outer layer to get crispy in the oven.

'Making more surface area for the crispiness, and letting the inside just pouf out,' Jamie explains. 'Once you've done this, you will never, ever look back.'

He then sprinkles the spuds with sage leaves: 'They go back in the oven for 10 minutes, and these herbs will become delicious,' he says. 'Then there's one last tip: vinegar.'

Showing the camera a small plastic container, he continues: 'Get down the chemist, buy one of these empty little spritzers.'

'Basically, put vinegar in there, and as the potatoes come out, you give them a little spritz like that, and it immediately evaporates and puts a kind of tang on your roast potatoes like you can't believe.

'Beautiful! What are you waiting for? Get roasting and get squashing.'

Viewers of the video were very impressed with the method, with one commenting: 'The roast potatoes tip is pure genius. Always works. Crispy outside and soft fluffy inside. Yum 😋'.

'Jamie's potatoes are goals 💕,' another wrote, followed by a third who said: 'Potatoesss.....yummm.....Man...the moment I heard the crunch....I wanted to have a biteee...'

We have to admit, Jamie's end result does look pretty stunning, and we're tempted to give the vinegar trick a try...

Are you going to try Jamie's roast potato idea? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!


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