KFC launch new 80-piece popcorn chicken bucket for only £5.99!

If you’ve ever dreamed of diving headfirst into a sea of fried chicken, then your dreams have just come true as KFC are offering a colossal 80-piece bucket chock-a-block with popcorn chicken.

The fast food giants revealed this new bargain bucket on twitter; when they created a meme of US Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders, with the caption “I am once again asking for you...to release the 80 Popcorn Bucket nationwide.”

Marketed as a ‘sharing bucket’ the offer was originally trialled in 10 KFC restaurants in Scotland back in November 2019.

It goes without saying that the trial was a huge success, so they’ve decided to roll the deal out nationwide.

Whether you decide to call on your friends to give you a hand, or you choose to keep them all for yourself, this bucket works out at less that 8p per piece of chicken.

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BUT… before you get too excited and fantasise of a future full of fried chicken, there is unfortunately a downside. This is a limited offer and will end on 22nd March.

The deal is also only available in-store… sorry if we’ve just crushed your dreams of having fried chicken delivered straight to your door while you continue to binge watch another boxset in your pyjamas,

We’re afraid you have to get dressed for this one! Seek out your closest KFC, pop on your coat and get ready for some finger lickin’ chicken.

If you think that 80 pieces is just too much for you, KFC also offer small, regular and large portions.

Still very reasonable; the large portion costs £4.29, the regular is £3.29, and the small comes in at just £1.99, however, we’re still not certain on the amount of popcorn chicken in each portion.

Terms and conditions that have been included on posters claim that each bucket will have an ‘average’ of 80 pieces - this means some of you may get less, and the odd lucky customer may get more

…are you going to count yours?

Keiron George
Freelance Food writer

With over 12 years of experience, arts graduate Keiron turned to food to channel his creativity, specifically cake decorating. Keiron set up his wedding cake business in 2015. And, in late 2016 won a scholarship at the world-renowned culinary institute - Le Cordon Bleu, London, where he studied the art of French Pâtisserie. He's worked in some of London’s finest 5-star hotels, collecting a wealth of knowledge along the way. As a Food Writer and Stylist food isn’t just a job, it truly is Keiron's passion.