Mars launch new M&M’s Peanut flavour ice cream – and it sounds delicious!

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  • M&M’s are a firm favourite when it comes to sweet treats – they have their own dedicated stores after all.

    So it should come as no surprise that confectionery company Mars are expanding their range – but instead of a new flavour of M&M’s, it has reinvented a beloved flavour into ice cream.

    That’s right, Mars has expanded its range of handheld single-serve ice creams and introduced a new addition – M&M’s Peanut flavour!

    The M&M’s Peanut Ice Cream features a blend of delicious dairy M&M’s Peanut Ice Cream with M&M’s peanut pieces, coated in a crunchy chocolate layer.

    Phil Shaw, head of sales at Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats said: ‘With wrapped handheld ice creams leading the market, we are extremely excited to introduce another iconic brand to our singles range.

    ‘The M&M’s Peanut Ice Cream joins consumer favourites, Mars, Snickers, Galaxy and Maltesers in the impulse freezer this year – and we are confident it will soon become a sought after family favourite!’

    M&M’s Peanut Ice Cream is available now from McColls, Nisa and selected independent retailers for £1.76.

    But Mars are not done spoiling you yet as they’ve also introduced the new Maltesers Ice Cream Tub.


    Following in the footsteps of Mars and Snickers Ice Cream Tubs, Maltesers is the very latest addition to the frozen aisle.

    Filled with a combination of malt ice cream, tasty Maltesers mini pieces and of course, chocolate.

    If you like the sound of this new indulgent treat, you’ll be happy to hear you can grab one now from Tesco and Co-Op for £3.00.

    However, if a tub seems too excessive for you then you can always opt for the new Maltesers Ice Cream Multipack – three individually wrapped ice creams, containing a blend of malt ice cream with Maltesers mini pieces, coated in a dairy chocolate layer.

    The Maltesers Ice Cream Multipacks are available now from Morrisons and Tesco, £2.75.

    Are you excited to try the new M&M’s ice cream? What other treats would you like to be turned into ice creams? Let us know in the comments!