M&S cafes have stopped giving out THIS freebie and customers are furious

Marks and Spencer customers have been left furious after discovering that the supermarkets' in store cafe no longer gives out free biscuits when you order a hot drink.

Hordes of fans of the high street shop took to social media to complain that they were no longer receiving a complimentary oat biscuit with their tea or coffee.

The sweet treat which M&S sell in its food halls in packs of around 22 for £1 used to come free automatically with hot beverages ordered at the stores coffee shops.

Having realised they had been left biscuit-less, one disappointed Tweeter wrote: ‘Hi M&S... I'm upset that my coffee in your cafe isn't accompanied by your delightful little shortbread biscuits anymore... #devasted #why.’

And another wrote: ‘M&S used to give you a little free biscuit with a tea. But, of late, my saucer is bare.’

While a third panicked cookie-lover chipped in: ‘@marksandspencer I've just been informed in my local M&S Cafe that you're doing away with the complimentary biscuits.’

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Credit: Marks and Spencer

Luckily, it turns out that you can still get your hands on one of the biccies if your cuppa just isn’t the same without one.

Taking to social media to comment on the biscuit-gate, M&S announced that customers now just have to specifically ask for one, penning: ‘We haven't completely removed these [biscuits]. We've stopped providing them with every hot drink, but if you ask when ordering you will be provided with one :).’

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After customers demanded an explanation behind the new rule, the shop’s customer service team clarified that it has been put in place to reduce the amount of biscuits being left over on the side of café-goer’s plates and being tossed into the bin at the end of the day.

They said: ‘Hi, the reason for this policy is that customers often don't want the biscuit and throw them away, but we are happy to give them to customers who tell us they enjoy them with their drinks.’

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