‘Shouldn’t be allowed’ Shoppers are really not impressed with Marks & Spencer’s brand new hot cross buns

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  • Easter treats are already popping up on shelves across the UK, but Marks & Spencer's latest offering has fans seriously divided over its unique flavour.

    Hot cross buns are a traditional spiced, sweet bun that’s traditionally eaten on Good Friday. They’re usually made with fruit, but M&S has created a very different flavour which will be available in stores soon.

    Taking to Facebook, the retailer wrote, ‘Hello new flavour alert! These are not just hot cross buns… These are NEW Chilli and Cheese Hot Cross Buns. Visit us in store to toast the start of the Easter season.’

    However, some people weren’t impressed with the new offering, heading to the comments section to ask why M&S had changed the classic hot cross buns recipe. One wrote, ‘Why can’t we just have normal hot x buns. Invented in my city they are symbolic of Easter!’

    Another added, ‘Why can’t we have just hot cross buns. There is enough flavour in them without adding other things’

    A third said, ‘Shouldn’t be allowed, REAL Hot Cross Buns should not have any of these faddy flavourings.’

    And a fourth agreed, saying, ‘What’s wrong with traditional hot cross buns which have a symbolic meaning? Why do these have to be marketed as hot cross buns?’

    Whilst some shoppers criticised them for being marketed as hot cross buns, others were excited to try the new spicy addition to the M&S bakery. One wrote, ‘Definitely sound better than the traditional ones, I might try one for the first time in my life!’

    Another added, ‘Cannot wait to try these. Chilli and cheese is a great combination, and I’m a savoury lover!’

    And a third said, ‘They sound amazing! I love both cheese and chilli 😍’

    Regardless of how you feel about the new product, M&S have reassured customers that there’ll be plenty of regular hot cross buns on sale too so you can choose which one you prefer.

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