Mary Berry Quick Cooking viewers spot something VERY rude during her show

Mary Berry
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Viewers of Mary Berry’s new show, Mary Berry Quick Cooking, spotted something very rude during the first episode last night…

The former Bake Off judge is back with a new show on BBC One, much to the delight of her fans who’ve missed having her on the small screen.

During the first episode, the cook starts her journey in Italy and makes her first ever visit to Rome – completed with a moped tour of the city!

Now, we all know she’s a big fan of cheeky innuendos – who can forget her ‘soggy bottom’ remark – but this time it seems it actually wasn’t her fault…

While showing footage of an Italian market, a stack of cheese very strategically blocked part of a sign that read ‘Cocktail Bar' - so you can see where we're going with this.

One viewer noticed and wrote on Twitter: ‘#maryberry new programme "Quick Cooking" has taken a turn’.

Another also said: ‘Anyone else notice the very interesting bar on tonight’s #maryberry .’

A third also shared a screenshot on Twitter to point out the blunder, and wrote: ‘The BBC Crew that filmed Mary Berry’s Quick Cooking had a wicked sense of humour!’

During the show, Mary was also criticised for mispronouncing certain Italian words, like 'espresso' and 'bruschetta'.

One viewer wrote: ‘Mary Berry just completely mispronounced bruschetta and I’m very sad.’

Another said: ‘Mary Berry is currently enraging the wife with her terrible Italian pronunciation. We just had 'Expresso' and 'Brushetta' in the space of 15 seconds.’

The show continues next week when she will be embarking on her first ever music festival and whip up an indulgent boozy rum and raisin ice cream.

We look forward to more cheekiness from the baking queen herself...

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