The McDonald's Chicken Big Mac is FINALLY coming to the UK this week

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The long-awaited Chicken Big Mac is coming to McDonald's in the UK this week. 

The fast food chain announced they'll be swapping their legendary beef patties for crispy chicken fillets as the Chicken Big Mac is set to land on menus in days, but for a limited time only.

Fans were ecstatic when the burger giant confirmed plans to introduce the twist on the classic Big Mac in the UK, having launched the Chicken Big Mac in the likes of Australia in the past.

When is the Chicken Big Mac coming out in the UK?

The Chicken Big Mac will be available in UK McDonald's stores starting February 2nd 2022, and will include two 100% chicken breast patties with a crispy coating, cheese, lettuce, pickles, and the world-famous Big Mac sauce sandwiched between the classic three-layered bread.

The new limited-edition burger comes after a successful trial in Australia, where it has become one of McDonald's most requested menu items.

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McDonald's has confirmed that it will only be available for a limited time, with the Chicken Big Mac being taken off the menu from March 15th.

The Chicken Big Mac will cost 50p more than the original Big Mac, with a single burger costing £4.09 and a meal priced at £5.59.

Along with the launch of the new Chicken Big Mac this week, the fast-food giant also announced the comeback of a bunch of fan favourites.

Fans will be able to order the Double Big Mac, Mozzarella Dippers, Galaxy® Chocolate McFlurry, and Galaxy® Salted Caramel McFlurry starting this week. Maccie's lovers will be happy to know they'll be reintroducing the popular Chicken Legend, which was pulled from the menu last year.

The news of new additions to the McDonald's menu comes after the sad news that breakfast bagels and wraps are being scrapped from the chain's offerings.

In a statement, McDonald's confirmed, "Despite speculation and following a trial separation period, breakfast bagels and breakfast wraps will not be returning to the menu.

"We adore each other deeply but our love for the iconic McMuffin was simply too hard to ignore."

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