Woman shares easy McDonald's McFlurry recipe using only THREE ingredients

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Now the warmer months are approaching, you might be seriously craving a McDonald's McFlurry. But lockdown has closed restaurants across the country.

Thankfully, making your own McFlurry is easy and all you need is three ingredients. You might even have them in your kitchen cupboards!

Taking to Facebook, Cha Sampan shared her homemade McFlurry recipe, also referred to as 'cookies and cream ice cream'.

She wrote, 'Ingredients:

📌 250 ml All Purpose Cream (any brand you want, but I prefer to use Nestle Cream because of the consistency of the cream)

📌 216ml Condense Milk (any brand you like, it's up to you)

📌 1 pack (3 pcs) cookies with cream filling (oreo or cream o, bahala ka po), add another 1 pack if you want (optional)'


The recipe is easy to follow as well, and can be done in four easy steps.

She wrote, 'Step 1: Mix carefully the all purpose cream and the condensed milk. But before putting all the condensed milk, put a half of the can then taste it. Then if the sweetness of the mixture was not enough for you, apply the other half of the condensed milk.'

Then, 'Step 2: Put the cookies with the cream filling into a plastic bag kitchen then crush.'

The third step is, 'Mix the crushed cookies to the cream mixture' and the fourth is, 'Put in the freezer and wait for 4 to 5 hours until the mixture is set.'

And there you have it, you can enjoy your own McFlurry in just a few hours without even leaving the house.

We're sure this will go down a treat with the whole family! Or for yourself if you don't want to share...

If you'd prefer something more savoury, McDonald’s shared their McMuffin recipe to help fast food fans during lockdown.

Will you be trying out the McFlurry recipe? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook!

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