Morrisons introduces ‘speedy shopping’ service to help customers skip long queues

Morrisons speedy shopping
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Due to social distancing, we’ve all had to queue outside supermarkets before being able to shop for essential items. But Morrisons new speedy shopping service could make this a lot easier.

As of this week, Morrisons has implemented a speedy shopping service for customers who are only shopping with a basket and not a trolley.

So people who are looking to do a smaller shop are able to get in and out more efficiently, with a small number of items.

Customers doing a basket shop have been given their own queuing lanes separate from trolley customers to ensure they spend less time waiting.

Under new Morrisons rules, three basket customers will be let into stores for every trolley shopper looking to do a big shop.

There’ll be dedicated checkouts too, ensuring customers will be able to pay and leave the supermarket a lot quicker.

Morrisons speedy service

Self-checkouts will be changed to card only to speed up the process. (Credit: Getty Images)

They’ll be able to use both staff checkouts and self-checkouts, with more being converted to card payment only.

A Morrisons spokesman said on Wednesday, “From today, Morrisons is going to introduce Speedy Shopping for customers doing smaller ‘basket’ shops at all of its stores - so that they can get in and out more quickly.

“The new system will ensure customers wanting to shop for a small basket of essentials will queue for less time outside of the store, and checkout quicker once inside.

"A new separate Speedy Shopping lane will be introduced outside of Morrisons stores. Three Speedy Shopping customers will be invited in for every Big Shop trolley shopper.”

He adds, "Clear signage and Morrisons marshals will help customers choose a Speedy Shopping or Big Shop queue. Speedy shopping customers will pick up a shopping basket at the entrance and Big Shop customers will pick up a shopping trolley.”

We're not sure how long these queuing measures will be in place, but we're sure they'll help make things a little easier.

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