M&S has launched a food box filled with essentials and sweet treats to make online shopping easier

A great idea!
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  • With the Covid-19 pandemic sending the UK into lockdown, shopping for food has become a slightly more stressful experience than it ever was.

    While the government lockdown rules require us to stay indoors, we’re of course still allowed out for essential groceries.

    Although, some of those who are more vulnerable to the potentially killer virus have been advised to remain in the house for 12 weeks, meaning online food shopping is a necessity for many.

    Supermarket giant Marks and Spencer has created a super easy way to shop for your must have essentials online.

    Thanks to M&S, you can pick up everything needed to feed two adults for a week in just a few quick clicks.

    Its handy box of essentials will set you back £30 for the vegetarian option and £35 for the option containing meat.

    The box is decked out with store cupboard staples like pasta and sauce, soup, steak, tin cans, sweet treats and even toilet roll.

    Credit: M&S

    Keep in mind that delivery will also cost you £3.99 and M&S has currently paused it’s the sale of the box to keep up with demand. It’ll be back soon though, so keep an eye on the website.

    M&S also claim that customers over the age of 70 who possess a Sparks Card will have their order prioritised.

    What’s in the M&S essential food box?

    Here’s a full list of everything included in the £35 food box.

    • Fusilli (500g)
    • Baked beans (220g)
    • Tomato and herb pasta sauce (550g)
    • Beef Bolognese pour over pasta sauce (340g)
    • Chunky vegetable soup (400g)
    • Basmati rice (500g)
    • Cream of tomato soup (400g)
    • Chunky steak (206g)
    • Rich roast instant coffee (100g)
    • English breakfast tea bags (125g/50 bags)
    • Scottish all butter homebake style shortbread squares (200g)
    • Dark chocolate (100g)
    • Milk chocolate (100g)
    • Prime corned beef (205g)
    • Wild Alaskan red salmon (213g)
    • Vegetable curry (400g)
    • Roasted and salted large peanuts (200g)
    • Giant milk chocolate buttons (150g)
    • Percy Pig™ sweets (170g)
    • Soft white 2-ply toilet tissue (pack of 4)

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