Nando’s is ditching one of its signature flavours next week

nandos chicken on a plate

Chicken lovers may be in for a shock on their next visit to Nando’s, as the well-loved chain is replacing a popular flavour.

As of February 3, customers will no longer find the mild mango and lime flavour on the menu.

This is because the popular food chain will be replacing the milder flavour with a passion fruit and mango baste.

The new tropical option will be available for four months, but Nando’s have hinted that another fruit flavour could be replacing it afterwards.

Nando’s claims the new creation is perfect for those who “like a little sweetness on their wings or want to try something different on their burger”/

The limited-edition spice has been introduced following the success of the passion fruit baste at Nando’s Yard last summer - a three-week pop-up in Shoreditch.

The new passion fruit and mango flavour (Credit: Nando's)

The passion fruit and mango flavour will slot into the same level as mango and lime on the Nando's PERi-ometer - which is also the same spiciness as lemon and herb.

It won’t cost anything extra either, just select it as you would usually in your order.

Passion fruit grows across Nando’s Southern African heartland and the restaurant has assured it’s the perfect match for its iconic chicken.

There doesn’t seem to be any confirmation on whether the mango and lime flavour will be returning anytime soon. We’re guessing it may come back after other flavours are trialled.

Hungry customers can use the Nando's restaurant locator tool to find their nearest branch.

In other Nando’s news, the restaurant chain has recently launched a "Mozam wrap" that's filled with spicy chicken and a pineapple and coconut chutney.

It’s also trialling a £6 lunch meal deal across branches in the UK (opens in new tab).

Elsewhere, Nando's in Australia is launching a new plant-based burger tomorrow, named "The Great Pretender." It seems a nationwide expansion is planned for this new product, but there's no news (yet) as to whether it'll be in UK restaurants anytime soon. Fingers crossed!