18 mouth-watering things you didn’t know you could make with Oreos

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  • It’s not just ‘milk’s favourite cookie’ – it’s ours too!

    There’s no denying the world’s favourite sandwich biscuit is already pretty delicious on its own, but what other mouth-watering treats can we make with Oreos?

    Their deliciousness should not be confined to just eating them on their own, so here are 17 amazing recipes that you should definitely try if you’re an Oreo addict!

    1. Oreo mug cake

    Image: Pinterest/Kirbie Cravings

    If you don’t have enough time to spend in the kitchen making a proper Oreo cake, here’s a perfectly good alternative. You’ll have a sweet treat in just a few minutes and just one mug to clean up. Win win!

    2. Oreo pudding pops

    Image: Pinterest/No.2 pencil

    Oreos are still pretty tasty when served below zero degrees, as proven by the many popular ice creams, so why not try cold Oreo pudding pops? Perfect for summer.

    3. Oreo spread

    Image: Pinterest/Buns in my oven

    The one thing sure to make you forget about Nutella. OREO ON TOAST!

    4. Oreo truffles

    Image: Pinterest/ Handle the Heat

    If you want to impress guests, try making your own Oreo truffles. How fancy do they look?

    5. Oreo cocktail

    Image: Pinterest/A Beautiful Mess

    Alcohol and chocolate – this gives double win a whole new meaning.

    6. Oreo fluff

    Image: Pinterest/Something Swanky

    This fluffy treat looks as good as it tastes, and it’s great for warmer temperatures.

    7. Oreo eggnog parfait

    Image: Pinterest/TheFirst Year Blog

    Make Christmas truly jolly by pairing up Oreos and eggnog – a match made in festive heaven?

    8. Oreo Krispie treats

    Image: Pinterest/High heels and grills

    Move over Rice Krispies, we found ourselves a new hero.

    9. Chocolate cheesecake Oreo parfaits

    Image: Pinterest/The First Year blog

    Chocolate, cheesecake, oreos and marshmallows… Layers upon layers of perfection.

    10. Double layer pumpkin Oreo cheesecake

    Image: Pinterest/Carl’s Bad Cravings

    Pumpkin counts as one of your five a day right?

    11. Oreo donuts

    Image: Pinterest/Broma Bakery

    As if donuts needed help getting any more delicious…

    12. Oreo peanut butter brownie

    Image: Pinterest/Picky Palate

    Elevate your brownies to the next level with this delicious oreo and peanut butter recipe. It’s incredibly easy to make and each brownie has two whole Oreos inside!

    13. Oreo muddy buddies

    Image: Pinterest/The Recipe Critic

    The children will love this version of the classic American snack.

    14. Oreo macarons

    Image: Pinterest/Twigg Studios

    Macarons get even more chic when Oreo-coloured!

    15. Oreo popcorn

    Image: Pinterest/CincyShopper

    Who knew popcorn could ever get better? We’ll be having a lot more nights in now that we’ve tried this.

    16. Oreo dip

    Image: Pinterest/Julie’s Eats and Treats

    Sure, savoury dips are great and all, but how about an Oreo dip as a party food? Use bland biscuits to dip or just grab a spoon. We won’t judge.

    17. Oreo cheesecake bars

    Image:Pinterest/High Heels and Grills

    Oreo cheesecake in bite-sized pieces – good luck fighting for the leftovers!

    18. The mighty Oreo cake

    Ensure guests leave your party with ear-to-ear grins on their faces, which they will after feasting their eyes and mouthes on this beautiful Oreo cake. The hard part will be getting the courage to cut it… Oh, who are we kidding? 

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