You can now spread your favourite cocktail on your toast

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  • Ever wondered what life would be like if you could have your evening tipple first thing in the morning?

    With early wakeup calls, hectic family breakfasts and sweaty commutes, 9am G&T cravings and downing coffee until it’s socially acceptable to drink wine are unashamedly a thing.

    But, if ever there was an excuse to give into your cravings, we may have just come across it!

    Enter Pimm’s-inspired jam.

    Yes, you read that right. A jar full of that glorious garden party nectar in the form of what you would usually spread on your toast.

    While the jam in question isn’t actually made by Pimm’s, alcoholic spread brand Joyful And Mellow (or J.A.M.) created the product by blending your summer favourite with strawberries, lemon juice and sugar – and it tastes incredibly similar to the popular tipple!

    But if your cravings are for G&Ts and G&Ts only, you’re still in for a treat. Their Gin & Lemon flavour is the perfect choice. Made with fresh lemons, sugar and 17.5% gin, you may be saying goodbye to your morning coffee after you’ve had this on your toast.

    And if that wasn’t enough, their website also sells a further 16 flavours. Choose from a selection of wine, cocktails and spirits to spread on your scones to get you through your afternoon slump.

    A classic prosecco might make you feel a bit better about getting boozy at breakfast, because bubbles are allowed at any time of day right? (Because, parenting). Plus it’s blended with strawberries so it’s basically one of your five-a-day, kind of…!

    If you’re partial to a glass of Pinot, you’re also in luck as there’s a jam version of that, too!

    Or, if it’s cocktails you’re feeling, go for the mojito blend. With a big squeeze of lime and a shot of rum, this will make sure you’ve definitely started your day right.

    Well coffee, it was a good run, but this is definitely a better way to make it through to past the kids’ bedtime and wine ‘o’ clock.


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