Piña Colada Bounty bars are here to make all your summer dreams come true

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  • Go to any house at Christmas and the drabs in the Celebrations box will usually be the poor old Bounty.

    Either that or mother and daughter will be passionately fighting over them (or sneakily swiping them all from the tub).

    Because the humble Bounty bar is a bit like good old British Marmite. You either love it or you hate it.

    How you could hate the chocolatey bar of chewy, sugary, coconutty goodness we don’t know. Some people’s tastebuds seriously need testing.

    Well the time all Bounty enthusiasts have been dreaming of is finally here, because there may now be a way to change the sceptics’ minds and get them on board.

    The chocolate gods have answered all our summer prayers and blessed us with a Piña Colada Bounty bar.

    That’s right. The coconut has been reunited with its good old friend pineapple to bring together a match that was truly made in heaven.

    Unfortunately Piña Colada Bounty bar doesn’t mean alcoholic Bounty bar (we can only dream), as the glorious nectar that is rum does not make an appearance.

    However we are so totally okay with taking chocolate in its place because, well, chocolate. No explanation needed.

    Though, brace yourselves, we do have to bring you some bad news. The tropical bars are only available in Russia.

    If you want to get hold of them in the UK you’ll have to get onto eBay where you can get a packet of three for £3.80, plus a hefty £6.08 shipping charge and a 2-4 week waiting time for delivery. Still cheaper than a flight to Moscow.

    But if you’re not planning a trip over to the land of vodka anytime soon and don’t want to break your bank balance on eBay shipping costs, we have found a way to fulfil your Bounty needs.

    You can now get your hands on Bounty ice cream sticks. The refreshing bars are only £2 for a box of three in Morrisons, so head down stat.

    Before the hot weather kicks back in and the ice lollies shelves are swept clean again.

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