Pizza Hut and KFC’s popcorn chicken pizza collaboration ends this weekend

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  • The Pizza Hut and KFC popcorn chicken pizza collaboration ends this weekend so get your orders in quick!

    If you’re a Kentucky Fried Chicken enthusiast you’re going to want a pizza this…

    Two of the most popular fast-food chains joined forces for National Pizza Day (9 Feb) and created their loyal fans the pizza of dreams.

    The KFC Popcorn Chicken pizza features a gravy base, classic Pizza Hut crust and is topped with mozzarella cheese, Popcorn Chicken and a sprinkling of sweetcorn.

    You cannot order the pizza to eat in as it is only available from 400 participating Pizza Hut Delivery restaurants across the UK.

    The pizza is also only available for a limited time only. In fact – you’ve only got until the 16 Feb.

    The pizza is included as an option in all large pizza deals but the crusts cannot be changed and it is a set recipe so cannot be adapted for other dietary requirements.

    The pizza costs £18.49 and the dietary information has not been shared.

    However, given a large Popcorn chicken comes in at 465cals, a large gravy is 110cals and a large Pizza Hut Margherita pizza is 1,870cals – this is definitely a treat day pizza…

    People have been sharing their thoughts on the pizza on social media and there’s a mixed bag of opinions.

    One person said: “The Pizza Hut x KFC pizza was unreal”, another added: “Gravy as a pizza sauce is revolutionary right? There was too much sweetcorn on the one I ordered though!”

    However, one person wasn’t as impressed and tweeted: “Had it, boring” and another speculated: “That sound [sic] f**king grim mate, the gravy ruins it”.

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