Poundland is selling a HUGE Toblerone for £3 but you’ll have to be quick

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  • The 360g Toblerone is one of the high street store’s most popular items of all time and a Christmas best seller.

    The BIG choccie bar – one of Poundland’s best-selling lines ever- is back in stores nationwide from this week and people are rushing to get them for Christmas stockings.

    The big Toblerone bar – is only £3, making it a bargain £1 cheaper than at some supermarkets.

    Meanwhile the same bar, which is as long as a 30cm school ruler, can retail for up to £12.99 in many online shops.

    Poundland’s savvy chocolate buyer Tina Locklin obtained ‘stock of the choc’ from a secret European source, allowing the retailer to sell the bars at a jaw-dropping £3 until they run out.

    Tina said: “Toblerone’s back! Bigger and better and at a price that our shoppers will love!”

    Over at Amazon the same Toblerone bar is on at £5.99, at Waitrose it’s £4.50 and it’s 50p more at Tesco where it is on sale for £3.50.

    Meanwhile Poundland’s own 180g Twin Peaks dupe range is also selling well and available in stores nationwide for £1 in eight flavours, including: Fruit & Nut, Honeycomb, Cookies & Cram and Popping Candy.

    Meanwhile Poundland’s own 180g Twin Peaks


    But for chocolate lovers for whom more is more, this is by no means Toblerone’s biggest bar in the range.eBay is selling a true whopper of a bar, weighing on at 4.5kg and measuring 80cm long. Their massive Toblerone is more than 12 times the size of a standard bar – and it’s being sold online from prices going up to a ridiculous £61.

    That’s 30 inches, or two and a half feet of solid choc and gooey nougat; the size of a small child.

    Can’t get enough bargain chocolate? B&M is selling three amazing and exotic new KitKat flavours.

    And, if you’re looking for a chocolate showstopper to wow guests try Lidl’s melting chocolate cottage table centrepiece

    Enjoy! But, do not attempt to eat this giant Toblerone bar all at once.

    Pace yourself or share with friends this Christmas!

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