Quality Street fans will not be happy with the missing chocolate in this year’s tin

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  • With autumn in full swing, it won’t be long before we are swapping our pumpkin spice lattes for peppermint hot chocolates and revelling in the run up to Christmas.

    And, with each festive season comes an overwhelming offering of sweet treats that we wouldn’t be able to make it through the winter without.

    Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Cadbury’s Snow Bites, gold chocolate coins, and of course the family favourite – a big tin of assorted chocolates.

    But while some might pick at Celebrations and others load up on Heroes, the tin that undoubtedly appears on every home’s coffee table is the Quality Street.

    Most of us won’t have ever made it through a December without spotting one the shiny purple tins. So it’s fair to say that the British classic has the ability to make or break a Christmas.

    Well prepare for your Christmas to be broken, because this year there’ll be one less chocolate in your tin!

    Nestlé, the company that runs the traditional assortment of chocolates, has axed one of the newest flavours – the Honeycomb Crunch.

    Credit: Facebook / Quality Street

    This comes only two years after they introduced the chocolate, which, at the time, they used to replace fan favourite Toffee Deluxe.

    But after a hoard of complaints demanding the return of the Toffee Deluxe, Nestlé added it back to the selection, bringing the number of flavours in the assortment up to 13.

    However, in another controversial move, the company have now pulled the Honeycomb Crunch, taking the overall number of chocolates back down to 12.

    Fans took to Twitter straightaway to complain, saying: ‘Actually so annoyed, was that necessary?!’ and ‘basically Christmas is ruined already’.

    The company defended their decision, saying that the selection is always changing and is not a fixed assortment.

    And there is still a glimmer of hope for Honeycomb Crunch fans. While the chocolate won’t be available in tubs, tins or selection boxes, it is still available in chocolate bar form.

    A whole chocolate bar instead of little bite in a tin? We’ll take that.