You’ll soon be able to get Slush Puppies at your local supermarket

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  • With the UK’s recent ungodly temperatures we’ll take anything that helps us cool down.

    Appropriate clothing has been swapped for as little as we can get away with at work. Our beloved coffee has turned into energy drinks. And proper meals have been substituted for ice-lollies.

    And there’s nothing that provides relief from the sweltering heat quite like a Slush Puppie (apart from the sub-zero office A/C).

    But here’s the issue – they’re not the easiest to get hold of.

    You usually have to scour shopping centres for little cafes or find an ice cream cart with a machine, because Tango Ice Blasts seem to have replaced them in most cinemas, and it’s not like you can just get them from your local supermarket.

    Until now.

    The nostalgic treat is on its way to all UK supermarkets, in the form of freezable Slush Puppie Pouches.

    You’ll be able to get the 250ml pouches in three classic flavours – strawberry, sour cherry and the ever-popular blue raspberry.

    Made with no added sugar, the slushies contain only 38 calories per 100ml, so if you’re looking for a sweet treat to cool you down, this one comes without the guilt.

    They’ll be available to buy separately or as a multipack, though no word yet on what the prices will be.

    They’re said to be landing sometime in the next few months and definitely by the end of the year. But if the hot weather (and reading this) has triggered major cravings we do have some good news.

    You can order them on the Slush Puppie Pouch website and get them delivered straight to your door. No need to put on (barely) appropriate clothes and venture out in the heat.

    On the website you won’t be able to buy them separately, they’re only available in packs of 6. But that’s hardly a problem because we all know one leads to another and so on.

    Pop them in the freezer for a few hours, give them a squeeze to crush up the ice and you can go on your way.

    You could even add some excitement to a Friday night and mix in a shot of vodka for a slushy summer cocktail.

    Cue the return of the blue tongue.

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