Starbucks have released three new frappuccinos – and they taste like your favourite dessert

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  • American coffeehouse Starbucks have come up with a trio of new flavoured drinks that will satisfy your sweetest of cravings.

    And what’s even sweeter? They’ve been released in the UK, before the US!

    After watching customers on the other side of the pond sipping on unicorn lattes, which were sadly not available over here (sob!), we finally have a new release that’s just for us!

    And, as if that wasn’t enough good news, the new Frappuccino flavour is, wait for it – cheesecake.

    That divine, creamy, biscuity dessert that fills all our dreams.

    And whether you like your cheesecake topped with berries, drizzled with caramel or smothered in chocolate, there’s an option for you.

    Frequently adding special items to their extensive menu, the coffee chain isn’t one to do things in small doses. The new offerings include a blueberry cheesecake, caramel cheesecake and mocha cheesecake flavour, so there’s a choice for whatever your tastebuds feel like.

    Or in this heat it may even be acceptable to go blueberry for morning, mocha for lunch and caramel for midnight snack. You know, just to keep cool.

    And if the crumbly base is your favourite part of this classic dessert (i.e. you’re one of those weird people who scrapes off all the creamy cheese part), don’t worry because the whipped cream topping is sprinkled with crushed biscuit pieces to add a familiar crunch to the sugary drink.

    Like with all of the coffee shop’s frappuccinos you can customise your blend and have a coffee base or a cream base without coffee (though god knows why you would do that).

    But do be aware that a grande size comes in between 357 and 452 calories with between 36.6g and 55.1g of sugar in a cup. So, on second thoughts, perhaps three a day might be too much!

    However, if you are trying to be sensible, Starbucks do have a light version of each Frappuccino, which is made with skimmed milk, a light base and forgoes the whipped cream on top. Or if you want to stick with the original taste and have the best of both worlds they have a mini version of each flavour for a quick treat.

    Now to find out what’s on their secret menu…

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